11 Laundry Room Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Most of us don’t enjoy doing laundry. That’s why we should make doing laundry as straightforward as possible. These easy-to-do laundry room hacks will not only make your life easier, but they will also make your clothes look, feel, and smell better.

Laundry is an everyday part of our lives. If you spent an average time of 2 hours a week doing laundry, that would amount to 104 hours a year. Imagine all the things you can do in 100 hours. That’s enough time to watch the entire God Father Trilogy 11 times.

With these laundry room hacks, you can take that time back and make your laundry routine a lot easier.

1. Put Your Laundry Room in a Convenient Location

Just like eating and sleeping, laundry is a regular part of our homes. But laundry rooms are generally put together as an afterthought, located in inconvenient locations like garages and rooms far away from your bedroom.

By putting your laundry room on the same floor as your bedroom, or at least in a convenient location, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. 

2. Use Another Container For Your Detergent

Detergent containers are typically massive and hard to work with. That’s why it’s a good idea to put your detergent in a smaller and easy to pour container. Forget about pouring your detergent out of a heavy and messy container.

You can find a container at a good price at your local dollar store or supermarket. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

3. Plan Your Setup For Your Laundry Routine

Setting up your laundry room for your routine is the ultimate laundry hack that can cut your laundry time in half. All you need to do is make it convenient to wash, dry, and fold your clothes in the same room.

Think of all the time you waste by carrying your laundry to and from your bedroom. This is especially difficult when you have a two-story home.

4. Use Scent Boost

Recently, scent boost for laundry has been gaining popularity. That’s because they offer an easy way to give your laundry an extra touch of freshness that lasts. It’s great for washing bedding, towels, or your everyday clothes.

Using scent boost is an easy way to fight tough odors caused by smoking, exercise, cooking, or pets.

5. Dry Your Clothes Instead of Ironing Them

Ironing clothes is a skill. But it’s not a skill we all have. The easy way to straighten out your clothes is to put them in your dryer for a few minutes simply. When it comes out, it’ll smell clean, and all those pesky wrinkles will be gone.

Try adding a scented dryer sheet to help give it that freshly cleaned feeling. Just make sure the clothes you use this laundry hack with are safe to use in the dryer.

6. Put Detergent Cap Into The Washer to Clean It

We’ve all seen what happens to our laundry caps over time. The leftover detergent that’s nearly impossible to get out becomes dry and rubbery. The easy way to clean it is to add it to your laundry load.

Not only will your cap come out clean, but you also don’t have to waste the leftover soap from the cap.

7. Use a Laundry Wash Bag For Delicates

Some clothes are too fragile for machine washing, requiring a hand wash or dry cleaning. Most of us ignore this washing instruction and put them in our machine washers anyway, resulting in damaged clothing.

Wash bags are the ultimate laundry hack for fragile clothing. Just put them in the bag and throw them with the rest of your clothes like normal.

8. Use a Dry Towel to Speed Up Drying Time

The next time you put your clothes in the dryer, try adding a dry towel. The towel will help absorb moisture and significantly reduce the overall drying time. Remember this hack whenever you’re in a hurry and need to dry your clothes quickly.

Adding a towel to your dryer will also help save energy. With this hack, you can save yourself time while also helping save the planet by decreasing your energy consumption.

9. Dispose of Dryer Lint With a Nearby Bin

Clearing your dryer’s lint trap is essential, but disposing of your lint can be inconvenient. Some of us have to carry it to a distant trash can or leave it near the dryer. Have a dedicated bin or trash can by your dryer for quick and easy disposal. 

Forgetting to clean your dryer’s lint trap is a fire hazard and needs to be done every time you use it. So why not make it easier on yourself?

10. Have a Container For Emptying Pockets

It’s a good idea to have a container nearby for emptying pockets. If you have children or frequently find the old change in your pockets, this can be a convenient way to set those things aside quickly.

Having a container nearby also makes emptying pockets a part of your laundry routine. You’ll be a lot less likely to wash something important with this easy laundry hack.

11. Buy The Same Socks

This laundry room hack will save you the effort of having to pair your socks. And if you ever lose a sock, you can easily replace it without having to worry about mismatching. All you need to do is choose a few styles you prefer to wear for work or comfort, and then buy them in bulk.

By doing this, you will no longer have to worry about throwing away unmatched socks or spending the extra time organizing them.

Need More Time-Saving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier?

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