Signs You Need to Renovate Your Home

For most people, buying a home is the most important investment they will ever make. It’s not only a material asset that you could sell, rent, and leverage— it’s also an investment in yourself. That’s why every homeowner needs to know when it’s time to renovate.

Although homes may last, the paint, decor, and appliances won’t. After years of use and weather, almost anything will need some touching up. Renovating will increase the value of your investment, make your home more enjoyable to live in, and improve the quality of your life.

When you see any of these signs of wear and tear, you’ll know it’s time to start making home improvements.

When it’s Time for a New Paint Job

One of the most important things you should check is your paint. Putting on a fresh coat of paint isn’t just about making your home look nicer; it’s also an essential barrier against the weather.

If you miss any signs of paint wear, the result can be costly repairs


If you notice that your paint is beginning to crack, then it’s time to give your home some new paint. Cracking paint won’t protect your home from the weather, and it doesn’t look nice either.


Peeling paint is another common sign to look out for. Different parts of the home can experience more abrasion from the weather, meaning you might not see wear evenly throughout the exterior. So, make sure to check the hard to see areas too.

Fading color

Fading paint can have a drastic impact on your home’s value. By simply adding a fresh coat of paint, you can greatly impact your curb appeal. 

There are More or Fewer People Living in Your Home

Households change all the time for any number of reasons. Maybe you have had children since you bought your home, and now your space is no longer a place just for adults. Or, maybe your child is off to college or living on their own.

Whatever the case, if you have had a change in your household size, it’s time to think about renovations. 

Signs You Should Childproof Your Home

Having a child in the home means that you have to make sure there aren’t any apparent dangers that might otherwise be safe for most adults. As a parent, you should know about what does and doesn’t need to be childproofed.

Common Dangers:

  • Battery covers missing on electronic devices
  • Exposed power strips
  • Sharp table edges
  • Unsecured drawers
  • Unsecured heavy furniture

Moving in Your Significant Other/Roommate

When someone new moves into your home, you should start thinking about making your space more accommodating. This can be a difficult decision to make for many homeowners who customize their space exactly to their liking. 

I’m talking to all the men with man caves and the women with she-sheds— if you are moving in someone with different tastes, make them feel like they belong with some fresh decor or minor remodeling.

Newly Vacant Rooms or Unused Space

Another sign you need to make renovations to your home is when someone moves out. You might be left with an empty room or things you don’t have any use for. 

Avoid excess clutter and unused space by properly disposing of or donating old and unwanted things. JCS Group offers affordable residential dumpsters that are perfect for clearing out rooms and making those crucial renovations.

Ideas for your spare room:

  • Office or workroom
  • Gym area
  • Dressing room
  • Home theater
  • Relaxation space

Signs Your Home is Outdated

You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, it doesn’t apply to your home. Everything from the style of yard care, appliances, color, and especially themes will eventually go out of style and reduce your property value.

But don’t just focus on what’s in style. What’s most important is focusing on your style. If you have some ideas for renovations and have the money, then you should absolutely do them.

Lifestyle Changes Mean It’s Time to Remodel

A home is like a treasure trove of memories that you live in. For some of us, it’s the music room where we used to play an instrument, the yoga room put together during a health phase, or the poker table once used for hosting get-togethers.

When our lifestyles or activities change, these things take space and collect dust. Keep up with JCS Group for inspiration on what to do with your newfound space.

Many homeowners are converting areas of their homes into offices because of the conditions caused by the pandemic. It’s a perfect example of how our homes should adapt to our activities today.

You’re Embarrassed to Have People Over

You should feel proud of your home when hosting others, not embarrassed. To me, this is the most important sign it’s time to renovate your home. It can prevent you from connecting with others, showing hospitality, and making memories that last forever.

Several things can make a home unpresentable. For some homes, it’s outdated furniture, old wallpaper, or even clutter. If your home is too cluttered, then your best option would be to rent a residential dumpster and start filling it up until you make enough room.

Your House has a Retro Theme… but Not on Purpose 

Wooden panels and shag carpets were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, but it’s far from what most modern homes look like today. Today’s prevalent styles incorporate a few neutral colors, a minimalist aesthetic, and sparing use of decor.

I’m not recommending you copy and paste a style to your home, just that you update your home’s style with modern touches. Try looking at the industrial and minimalist styles that are in today.

The Perfect Things to Have When Renovating

Residential dumpsters come in handy when making renovations and clearing out space. JCS Group has affordable residential dumpsters and options for homeowners of all kinds. Call now for a free quote, or discuss your options with our staff.