Dumpster Rental Fine Print

Before signing on the dotted line or e-signing the rental agreement for added convenience, make sure to read the terms and conditions for any concerns or issues that could come up throughout the entire process. Below we list some of the most common sections that come up over the phone when surprised with unexpected charges that come out of thin air.


Below you'll find some of the areas where those other "Dumpster" rental companies like to hide fees. We're not pointing fingers here or name-calling for the sake of more business. What we can do best is demonstrate our true transparency, through our competitive pricing, and share what we know as well as how it all works together in providing a genuinely affordable dumpster for your commercial, construction, or residential project. As always, feel free to call us for any questions that cost you more!

Weight Allowances

  • Our trucks that transport these dumpsters can only handle a certain amount of weight before they become unstable or unsafe. If you exceed or come close to this limit, we run the risk of damaging any property the dumpster is located at, our trucks and putting our driver and others in danger.
  • Dumping fees are also charged by the ton at landfills or wherever we dispose of the contents in the container. These fees are included in our prices, which is why we provide you with a weight limit on each dumpster according to the rental agreement we sent you.

Weight allowances can range anywhere from 1 to 10 tons or more based on the available trucks and containers at hand closest to your dumpster drop-off address. Be especially careful when loading anything that is typically denser than normal such as concrete, dirt, or roofing shingles. It may not look like a lot once loaded in the dumpster but can exceed the allocated weight limit in the rental agreement and those charges are directly billed to you. Additionally, if you have a weight allowance that would not be met by the contents you're filling any of our containers with, you are still required to follow all rules when properly loading the dumpster to the specified height limit which does not exceed the top rim of the container.


If you fill your container over the designated fill line - which will be found in different locations inside the dumpsters based on the type of debris - we reserve the right to either remove some or all of the load as well as deny pick-up. Usually, the customer is responsible for unloading the materials until the load is at the fill line. This is set in place to protect any of our drivers who go onto private property to deliver and pick up any containers you have ordered. It is also required by law that any dumpster company or haulers cannot transport any containers, bins, or dumpsters that have debris or waste materials that exceed the top rim or designated line.

If you are not at the site when the dumpster is scheduled to be picked up, the driver may remove some of the debris from the dumpster to get its height at or below the fill line. This debris would be left on site and your responsibility to dispose. The ability to do so is left to the drivers' discretion with safety always being a priority in what they do. This can save you additional charges from the landfill as well as a trip charge for any expenses like gas that are incurred from having our trucks drive to your site and return without a container. This will not always be the case and our drivers are not required to take the container if they have not been properly loaded or is blocked and not easily accessible. Additional charges will appear on your final invoice as stated in your rental agreement.

Rental Period

The duration that you can use the container will always be provided over the phone based on your specific needs/uses as well as on the rental contract that is sent over and signed before we process any payment or deliveries. You have the option of requesting an extension or early pick-up for your dumpster which may incur a daily fee adjustment based on what you request. When requesting an early pick-up, we ask that you call 24 to 48 hours to ensure we have a driver available in your area. You will not receive any reimbursement or discount for having your dumpster picked up earlier than the rental period as we schedule our dumpsters around the entire rental period we provide you with. Driver pick-ups are not guaranteed as it depends on driver availability and scheduled drop-offs/pick-ups for that day.

Driver Pick-Ups

Reasons my container was not picked up:

  • The Container has been overfilled or is too heavy for the truck to pick up - Our trucks have a maximum lifting and carrying capacity, so if your load exceeds or strains our trucks, the driver is required to leave the dumpster and resume their designated schedule for the day.
  • Hazardous materials are in the container - Hazardous materials such as chemicals or flammable wastes are not permitted in our dumpsters as they put our drivers at risk as well as those working in the landfills. To prevent any dangerous incidents and even additional charges on your invoice, our driver will notify us and leave the dumpster.
  • Mixed wastes are found in the container - If you order a dumpster specifically for concrete or dirt, we use different bins or containers for that specifically as it can add unneeded damage and maintenance when everything is all mixed. We will also have different containers. You are held accountable for the contents of your dumpster, bin, or container as stated in the rental agreement you are required to read and sign before we process any payment or delivery. If you fill a container as agreed with one type of material, and also add anything else outside of what was notated on the rental agreement at signing, any fees the landfill or processing company charges will be your responsibility.
  • Dumpster access is blocked - Anything that obstructs our truck's path from picking up or dropping off a container is your responsibility. Our driver is not required to clear or remove anything that blocks their access to the container. A trip charge may be added to your invoice if they are unable to retrieve the container during the scheduled pick-up or drop-off time.

Additional fees

At the time of signing the rental agreement and scheduling your container for drop-off or pick-up, you will be provided with a summary of what you are responsible for as well as any information pertinent to your order and location. If at any point you receive a charge and would like an explanation faster than waiting after your order is complete, feel free to contact us.