Why Should You Get a Dumpster Rental?

Many people believe that dumpster rentals are just for construction sites or cleaning out a hoarder’s home, and nothing else. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth! While dumpsters serve both of those purposes well, your project could benefit from a dumpster rental too. There are some misconceptions about renting dumpsters for residential use, but we’re here to shed some light on the subject and separate the trash from the treasure.

Accommodates Massive Volume

Often, we don’t realize just how much junk we need to dispose of until we’re knee-deep in the project with a steadily-growing pile of trash on the curb. It may get to the point that your regular trash collectors aren’t able to take it! And you don’t want to be stuck hauling truckloads of junk to the local dump when you’ve got a million other things to do as it is! A residential dumpster will save you that worry and hassle, no matter how much stuff you throw at it.

Handles the Big Stuff

There’s a difference between massive volume and massive, well – mass. Home renovation projects can yield some large, potentially dangerous pieces of waste (exposed nails, screws, splintering wood), and regular trash collection services can’t accept these kinds of materials for the sake of their employees’ safety. With a dumpster on-site, you don’t have to be concerned about large chunks of waste sitting around your yard or work site until you can rent a truck big enough to haul it away. Once it’s in the dumpster, it’s off of your plate!

Promotes Safety

A lot of junk and waste lying around a remodeling, moving, or cleaning site makes for some severe hazards. Splintered boards with exposed nails or screws in the yard, broken ceramic fixtures, old pieces of furniture piled up – all of these things create tripping and injury hazards that can go really bad really fast. Keep your yard and work area clean and free of danger by renting a dumpster and making sure every piece of waste goes straight into it, rather than sitting around the house or yard in scattered piles.

Convenient and Affordable?!

We’ve talked about a dumpster rental’s convenience because you don’t have to worry about hauling truckloads of trash to the dump. But it gets better: the company you rent from will drop off and pick up your dumpster when you’re done with it. And if you find out you need another one for all the stuff you’re throwing out? They’ll bring you a new one and haul the old one away! No sweat! Well, at least when it comes to the dumpster rental – we can’t speak for the rest of your project.

Folks tend to believe that renting a dumpster is a huge expense, and they can’t afford that on top of everything else. While there may be some companies out there that will put you through the wringer, plenty of reputable dumpster rental companies, like JCS Group, offer several affordable options to fit your needs.

Does My Project Require a Dumpster Rental?:

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your project warrants a dumpster rental or not. If you’re planning any of the following events, a dumpster rental would be a great asset to you!

Spring Cleaning

It’s one of the biggest clean sweeps of the year. Spring cleaning is the time to start fresh, and that means a lot of junk is going to get kicked to the curb! It feels so good to toss those old pieces of furniture, boxes of irrelevant papers, and random items just collecting dust – until you see it all sitting in a pile, staring back at you.

Rent a small residential dumpster to get the junk out of your face for good! Rather than stuffing it into your car or hoping by some miracle, the trash collectors will take it, get a dumpster for a couple of days, and put it to good use. You might be surprised how quickly you can fill it!

Home or Room Renovation

Freshening your home with some DIY projects can create some serious waste. It won’t be long before you find yourself standing in a heap of scrap lumber, drywall, tiles, maybe even metal pieces! These materials are hazardous to leave for your trash collectors, and you! Rent a dumpster to keep yourself and others safe and to make sure those materials are disposed of properly. A dumpster rental company takes that concern off your hands and delivers it straight to the dump for you!

Weather Cleanup and Recovery

Unfortunately, sometimes we’re forced into a massive cleanup due to inclement weather or natural disasters. While there may be other expenses involved, a dumpster rental is a must-have investment in these cases. Even if your house is blessedly intact, there will be property damage from branches and other debris accumulated in your yard. Steer clear of hazardous material, but get a dumpster to clean up those items quickly and safely.

Hosting a Large Party or Event

On the flip side of the coin, exciting celebrations can be the cause of the piles of waste in your yard! Maybe you’re hosting a community event, a neighborhood block party, or even a wedding on your property. You’ll be shocked by how many paper products, food boxes, and plastic cups are left behind! And that doesn’t include decorations or gift wrapping! Renting a residential dumpster will save you a lot of hassle when it’s clean up time, and will keep the junk from getting out of control.

These are just a few ways that a dumpster rental can make your life much easier! Whether you’re launching your annual deep-clean or managing a one-off project like kid-proofing your home, renting a dumpster saves you time and many headaches during the process. All you need to do is schedule a drop-off and pick-up time, then fill your dumpster with as much junk as you can manage!

JCS Group is a leader in friendly, professional dumpster rental services, and we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. Visit our website for more info, or find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!