Dumpster Rental in Memphis, TN

Serving Memphis and all its areas, including Germantown, Southaven, South Memphis, and West Memphis, JCS-Group ensure to provide reliable and efficient dumpster rental services for homes, businesses, factories, and construction sites.

Whether you are decluttering the junks in your home, clearing out old furniture, or doing a major remodeling project, you need a dumpster. Also, if you are a contractor doing a renovation project, you will need a roll off dumpster to handle junks from roofing and drywall teardown. Let us provide you with decent dumpsters for all your cleaning and teardown projects in Memphis. We offer quality services and support that you will be happy with.

Memphis is one of the cities with the strictest EPA rules. Homeowners and commercial property owners are expected to dispose of their trash and junks appropriately in order to keep all areas in the environment clean and safe. With a dumpster or bin, you can easily handle junks and debris without violating the EPA.

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Dumpster For Project Debris 

We provide dumpsters and roll offs for all kinds of projects you may have at hand. Common cleaning project that you may need dumpsters for include; 

Residential cleaning project 

Need a dumpster to clean up your home or neighborhood? We provide residential friendly dumpsters in Memphis. We are committed to helping homeowners dispose of their waste ethically and professionally. For residential cleaning projects, we use smaller, lightweight dumpsters that can fit into your space. Also, our residential dumpsters are reinforced with protective boards underneath so that they never scratch or touch your driveway.

Our residential dumpsters can handle household debris including furniture, general junk, and trash.

Commercial  use

Need a dumpster at your business? Staying on top of waste management is important for every business. You must be able to manage waste generated from your business appropriately. Let us provide you with an efficient dumpster rental solution to help you handle your waste the right way. Our commercial dumpsters are reinforced with lids preventing pests or rain from mixing with your trash.

Construction use

Need a dumpster at your remodeling or demolition site? We will make roll offs of different sizes available for you. Why not focus on important construction work while we handle your waste? Our construction roll off dumpsters can handle construction materials including plaster, drywall, and wood.

How to choose the right Dumpster company 

Finding the right dumpster rental company is important. The company you choose determines your overall experience with waste management. You need a company that will make the process seamless, and give you a better experience. Here a few things to consider when choosing a dumpster rental company;

  • Location 

When looking to hire a dumpster rental company, it is essential to consider where they are located. You should choose a company that is relatively close to your area and one that understands the disposal laws in your area. A dumpster company in the area will guide you on waste disposal following EPA laws. Also, when you choose a dumpster company in your area, delivery and pick up will be more efficient.  This will save you a lot of stress and make the entire process much easier. 

As a local dumpster rental company in Memphis, we deliver dumpsters, roll offs, bins, and carts all around Germantown, Southaven, South Memphis, and West Memphis. We understand the waste disposal laws in the Memphis area and we put our customers through proper waste management.

  • Good customer service 

When you call a dumpster rental company, you should expect to speak with someone knowledgeable about the delivery, pick up, pricing, and other information that you need to know. The customer service should be able to explain the company’s services to you in a clear and friendly way. They should be able to listen and walk to you through dumpster selection for your needs. If the customer service is not friendly or impressive, there’s a high possibility that their service isn’t impressive.

  • Affordable rates

You don’t have to break the bank to rent a dumpster or roll off. Choose a company that offers excellent dumpster rental services at affordable rates. Choose JCS-Group for your dumpster rental in Memphis. We offer excellent services at affordable rates, with no hidden fees. 

  • Flexible extension policy

Choose a company with a flexible extension policy. Call to inquire about their extension policy and all possible charges associated. Sometimes, projects don’t go as planned, but a good dumpster rental company will ease your frustration if you need to keep the dumpster for longer than expected. At JCS-Group, our extension policy is flexible and straightforward for all homeowners, business property owners, and contractors in Memphis.

  • Consider the condition of their dumpsters 

You don’t want to work with a company whose dumpsters are all rusting away. Only choose a company whose dumpsters and equipment are in great condition for the sake of your convenience.

Dumpster Selection 

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to serve different purposes. Not all dumpsters/ carts are meant for the same job. You should talk to us about what your project is all about, so we can take you through our different selection of dumpsters. After discussing your needs with us, we will ensure that you get the size and type of dumpster that suits your needs. Our dumpster selection process ensures that our customers find the perfect size of dumpster for their cleaning or clearing project without paying more than they actually need.

JCS-Group is the right dumpster rental company for you!

If you are looking for a dumpster rental company with excellent and reliable services in Memphis, we are glad to let you know that you have found us! Our goal is to make waste management as seamless as possible. We provide you with the right dumpster you need for your residential, commercial, cleaning projects at better rates than you have seen.

Dumpster rental is now easier than ever. Call us on (901) 446-2693 to enjoy easy and better service in all of Memphis!