Marie Kondo’s Method For Tidying Up

The book titled “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” was Marie Kondo’s golden ticket to fame, where she introduced a new tidying up method for people that broke the internet. Marie Kondo teaches readers how to declutter their home or office in simple but effective steps in her book. Focused on a new mindset based on the idea of decluttering and organizing daily instead of once a month, linked to the importance of keeping only the necessary things (in her words, “things that bring us joy”) and not accumulating or purchasing everything we see.

It is a bit of a strict method that may not be for everyone, but in essence, it has a wise philosophy that can be applied to various aspects of one’s life. The main points of the Japanese organizer rely on discarding and organizing, among other essential things. Her method begins by encouraging people to declutter their space to later organize things by item category and not location, which leads to being more productive in less time.

Below you can find a list of steps to begin decluttering your house (and your life) with the KonMari method and achieve the most organized space you could ever have. Further, excellent rental dumpster services for every project you want to begin.

1. Discard Items

Marie Kondo’s book focuses mainly on the importance of discarding items you don’t need anymore to keep only the necessary and begin organizing finally. The more things you get rid of, the easier and faster you will tidy up. The Marie Kondo method explains how the central part of her technique is about acquiring a new mindset in terms of organization and decluttering, promoting constant cleaning and discarding the things that “don’t bring you joy anymore” daily instead of once in a while, when most people tend to do extensive cleaning.

This organization method changed hundreds of lives and continues to help people throughout the world. Starting can be tedious on its own; therefore, one of the most important things to consider before discarding anything is to find a high-quality company that offers rental dumpster services at affordable prices. JCS Group is dedicated to providing people with the best dumpster rental services available on the market, ideal for every project you have. Featuring a 5-star customer care and support team ready to assist you on every inquiry you have and help you decide which of the five different roll-off dumpsters capacities will fit best for what you need.

2. Tidy Up At Once

After decluttering your entire home, and by this, it means genuinely decluttering your space; it is time to tidy up. The KonMari method establishes that tidying up your house at once is essential to maintaining a balanced life instead of doing it poorly several times a month. In addition, once you’ve put in the work and thoroughly cleaned out every corner of your space, you’ll be less likely to fall into old habits of leaving things disorganized or acquiring unuseful items.

A big decluttering can bring so much space and organization to your life, so make sure before you begin to have a location or service ready to discard everything at once, such as an affordable dumpster rental service provided by JCS Group.
Kondo reminds readers throughout the book to not dwell on storage; thus, just putting away things doesn’t make an organized space but a space full of things hidden into furniture. That’s why it is vital to engage with a quality dumpster rental company prepared to assist you from the moment you call. JCS Group is known for its out-of-this-world team full of professionals and certified personnel dedicated to helping every client on the spot.

3. Organize By Category

Marie Kondo’s book emphasizes that tidying up by location is not as effective as most people might think. Instead, by tidying up by item categories, such as clothes and shoes, and going through it all at the same time (ideal for those who keep similar items splattered throughout the house), you can maximize productivity and clean out more efficiently.

The KonMari method establishes a particular order of importance when beginning to organize. For example, the first category is clothing, followed by books, papers, miscellany, and mementos. Further, she breaks down each category into more specific subcategories, such as in the clothing category, where you should move from tops to bottoms, jackets, socks, and more.

This method is not only suitable for homes but businesses as well. A clean and organized space is prone to be more productive and efficient and healthier and safe. Dumpster rental services become essential to fulfill these tasks, and JCS Group offers five different dumpster capacities that go from 10 yards up to 40 yards, suitable for any project you want to carry out. Commercial, construction, residential, concrete, roofing, and yard waste dumpster rentals are available, all with the best price on the market and a one-of-a-kind customer support personnel.

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