How to Make Your Home More Cat-tacular

Meta description: We get it; cats are the boss of their home! And we know you love pampering your favorite feline. Discover simple, fun ways to make your home even more cat-tastic and kitty-approved!

Calling all cat lovers! We know that your feline friend is the true ruler of your household, so why not make their kingdom even more appealing for them? Other pet owners may think that cats are low-maintenance, and while it’s true to some extent, you know that your cat deserves the very best in life. He’s part of the family, after all! And since every family member deserves their own special space in the house, follow these tips to make your home more cat-tacular.

Cat Trick #1: Bay Window Bed

Just because your kitty cat can fall asleep literally anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t give him some extra-comfy spaces! Every cat loves a comfy bed and a window to look through. If you’ve got a bay window with a seat, you’ve got the perfect place for a cozy cat cushion. You can buy a cushion online or take measurements, find a simple design, and make your own! Whichever you choose, your cat will love it – whether or not they actually look pleased.

Cat Trick #2: Cove Under the Stairs

No, you don’t need to make your cat live in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter. However, cats love to have their own little nooks and crannies to tuck themselves away, so making them a cove under the stairs is their dream come true! You could tuck their litter box away in that hollow spot under the stairs, then add carpeted wall shelves for climbing, and even hang some fun cat toys on a hook for them to swat!

Cat Trick #3: Catwalks and Cat Cubbies

It’s no surprise that cats love to jump, run, and scurry – healthy cats can make jumps that are six times their length! To encourage their acrobatic tendencies, consider hanging catwalks and cat cubbies on your walls. Your living room, bedroom, or even finished basement walls are all fair game! You can buy unique padded shelves made just for cats or opt for regular hanging shelves.

For the cat cubbies, make sure you secure them firmly to the wall and test their strength before you let your cat do some testing of their own! Make sure they have plenty of exit options when they’re ready to get down, too.

Cat Trick #4: Cat-Friendly Furniture

If you lack the space for the traditional cat tree and scratching posts, consider swapping out some of the furniture in your living room for multi-purpose furniture. Many companies offer bedframes with cat mazes underneath or bookshelves with steps going up the side for your cat to climb on. If that seems like too big an investment, you can always consider a Cat Crib to transform any of your chairs into cat-friendly furniture!

Cat Trick #5: Kitty-Approved Plants

We’re not just talking about catnip (though your cat wouldn’t mind that either)! There are plenty of kitty-approved plants that are safe for any cat owner to grow in their home: cat thyme, silver vine, valerian – even herbs such as rosemary and parsley are perfectly safe for little kitty tummies! You don’t have to worry if your cat ingests these plants, and they won’t mind having some plant leaves to bat around.

Cat Trick #6: Surplus of Scratching Posts

You know your cat loves to scratch. Scratching is instinctual and soothing for your felines, so help encourage that behavior in the right places! Sure, you could just buy another scratching post or two, but what if you could incorporate scratching posts into your current furniture?

There are plenty of online DIY instructions for making your own scratching post using household items you probably already have on hand. Some old carpet squares or welcome mats can be put to good use rather than sitting in your garage! Grab your glue gun and a bookshelf or banister and let your cat scratch his little heart out!

Cat Trick #7: Solid Cat Tree

If you’ve got the space, nothing beats a good old fashioned cat tree. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect source of entertainment for any kitty! Depending on the model you choose, your cat could have steps to climb on, platforms to jump on, or hammocks to snooze on. Most cat trees have a built-in scratching post, too, so you can scratch that off your list! (See what we did there?)

If you’d rather stay true to your home’s style, several modern cat tree options double as statement pieces. They’re wildly entertaining for your cat but visually appealing to you as well.

Cat Trick #8: Make Food Fun

Feeding time is one of the best times of the day for your cat already, but you can make it even better! Rather than set4tling for the plain ole feeding dish, try a food puzzle or foraging toys to serve their meals. These tools help enrich your cat’s mind and satisfy their natural instinct to hunt and search for food. You can buy different feeding tools online, like the Kitty Kong or Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center, or DIY your own!

It doesn’t take much to make food fun for your cat; you can even resort to the “scatter feed” method. Just sprinkle some food onto the floor, under the furniture, or behind a table so your cat can go treat hunting!

Cat Trick #9: Lots of Litter Boxes

This final cat trick is crucial, not just to make your home more appealing to your cat but for their health as well. Jackson Galaxy, the “Cat Daddy,” recommends going by the “plus one” rule. To figure out how many litter boxes you need, take the number of cats you have and add one. For example, if you have two cats, you should aim to maintain three litter boxes.

You can also help your kitty’s bathroom stay fresh by getting a self-cleaning litter box instead of a conventional one! No more scooping smelly clumps of litter for you and a clean place to “go” for your cat! Bonus Cat Trick if you’re like me and have more than 3+ furry bundles of love! When you get busy and need a helping hand, check out Anita’s House Keeping so there’s never a moment taken away from our little ones!

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