How to Fix Up Your Shed

Traditionally, you could find a lawnmower, some gardening tools, and maybe a few old oil cans in a backyard shed. These days, you might find a couple of lounge chairs, a mini-fridge, and a Wi-Fi connection! Many people buy or build sheds for storage, but plenty of others reimagine their shed space into a home office, a workout room, or a little getaway that’s close (like, super close) to home. Whether you want to make your own retreat or just need more space for your lawn care and gardening tools, here are five steps to fix up your shed.

Step 1: Clear it Out

You’re going to need some working room, so start by clearing out everything that’s currently in your shed. Wheel out the lawnmower, dig out the old bicycles, gather all the loose tools hanging around, and get it outta there! Take this time to sort through everything and pitch anything not worth keeping. You may need to rent a dumpster if you’re throwing out a lot of junk or have larger items that waste collection services can’t accommodate. Check out JCS-Group for affordable, easy residential dumpster services near you, and say bye-bye to the old junk!

Once everything is cleaned out, sweep out the shed to get rid of dirt and dust layers, and then power wash the shed from the inside out. Wipe down any grimy windows and brush the cobwebs from the corners.

Step 2: Inspect & Repair

Next, check for any damage to your shed, significant or otherwise. Is the roof in good shape? Are there any gaps or cracks in the wall? What about the floorboards? Repair any broken shingles, rotten wood, or uneven floorboards. Repair any broken windows, and make sure the doors open easily yet close securely.

While you’re making repairs, consider adding thermal insulation to your shed’s interior. If you plan (or hope) to use it year-round, this will make things much more comfortable for you! It will help maintain an ideal temperature in all seasons and help keep your energy bills from getting out of control in the extreme seasons.

Step 3: Run Electricity

If your shed doesn’t already have electricity, consider adding it! It will unlock a myriad of possibilities for your new hangout, and you can get much more use out of it (see heating and cooling in Step 2). But please don’t try to run electricity to the shed by yourself! That’s a job for a licensed electrician and is worth every penny.

Step 4: Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint will work wonders for your newly refurbished shed! You could paint it a bright, vibrant color to make a bold statement in your backyard or paint it a soft, neutral tone to let your landscaping have the spotlight. Consider painting the shed’s interior as well – especially if it’s your new getaway! Treat it just like any other interior painting job. Think muted or neutral colors for a soothing space, or go for bold pops of color to stimulate fun, creative energy.

Step 5: Install Hardware & Storage

Now that your shed is spick-and-span, it’s time to put in the finishing touches! Adding storage such as bookshelves, cabinets, or desks will help bring your backyard hangout to life, and countertops will give you plenty of working space for any future projects you’re planning. And don’t hold back! Buy ready-to-go versions from IKEA or Lowe’s, or design and build your own! If your budget is getting tight, check out your local flea market and thrift stores for frugal finds.

Shed Makeover Ideas

So you have a fresh, fun, backyard shed now – congratulations! Now comes the SUPER fun part of transforming your shed from a plain old storage area to your at-home oasis. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas of what your shed could be!

Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Your yoga studio could be steps away now! Add some yoga mats, a Bluetooth speaker for soothing music or guided meditation, and maybe some plants to soothe your soul. Amp up your yoga routine with some French doors to allow plenty of fresh air into your studio!

If you prefer to decompress with weights and barbells, trade your yoga mats for thick, rubber ones. Add some mirrors to one wall, and haul your equipment out to your new home gym. Get some kettlebells, a pullup bar, and a treadmill, and get your sweat on.

Art & Photography Studio

Every artist needs a space to let their creative juices flow – especially one that is separate from the chaos and noise of your family’s house! If painting is your preferred medium, add some cabinetry to keep all of your supplies safely stored away until you need them. Bring your easel into the shed and use the wall space to hang your finished pieces!

If photography is more your speed, consider using one half of the shed for backdrops and shooting while using the other half for editing by setting up a desk and computer. Plenty of windows and natural light will help stimulate your artistic vision, whether you’re capturing new shots or editing past projects.

Family Game Room

Game night just got even better! Rather than gathering around the living room table, why not dedicate your entire shed space to family fun nights? Throw in a sectional couch, area rug, and coffee table for a super comfy playing space, then add a bookshelf or sofa table to store all of your games when you’re done. Your family game night will feel extra special with its own sacred space!

Home Movie Theater

Maybe your family prefers a cinematic experience for family night. No problem! Paint one wall completely white for your screen, then install an overhead projector. Stagger love seats or overstuffed chairs to make rows of extra-cozy seating, roll out a red carpet for the fam and enjoy your own VIP screening. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

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