Home Items for the Amateur Artist

If there’s an amateur artist in your life, you already know how difficult it is to find a gift for them. Artists are a rare breed, and their taste is much more sophisticated than most others, making them incredibly hard to shop for! Their particular preferences are super helpful when you need to choose décor for your own home, but when it comes to choosing for them? Forget about it.

Now, you could wander aimlessly through art supply shops or search the internet for hours, only to get something that your amateur artist secretly despises. Or you could check out this list of quirky-yet-helpful house things that will make their eyes light up like a Starry Night. (See what we did there?) Here are ten home items for the amateur artist in your life.

Off On the Wall

Digital Art Museum

An amateur artist has their list of favorites, the artistic icons that they study and admire. Why not let them bring their favorite pieces into their home?

These digital art museums allow you to display hundreds of pieces on their wall. You can upload photos of original work or download high-resolution images of classic pieces like “The Scream” or “Girl with a “Pearl Earring.” Check out these digital art museums on Amazon!

Magnaframe Gallery Picture Frames

Many artists choose to express their art in many different mediums – and sometimes, Instagram is one of them! Instagram crops photos to a unique size, so Magnaframe came up with a frame design to accommodate IG photos perfectly.

You can print the images from the app, place them in the frames, and arrange them however you’d like! The Magnaframe gallery picture frames are magnetic (as you may have guessed), so you can position the frames in any shape or pattern that suits your fancy. It’s like having a real-life Instagram page that you can redesign to match your style!

Mini Easel Stands

Instagram-sized photo frames aren’t just meant for the wall. You can use these mini easel stands to display Insta-sized photos or mini canvas paintings that your amateur artist made themselves! They can sprinkle these mini easels throughout their living space, so their talent always surrounds and inspires them.

Hang-O-Matic Picture Hanging Tool

Artists own tons of framed artwork, whether it’s theirs or the work of other artists. Since they will have many more frames after your gifts, they need a tool to help them hang their pieces on the wall! The Hang-O-Matic Picture Hanging Tool will make it a breeze. This handy tool measures, levels, and marks the wall all at the same time. In no time, their home will look like their very own art gallery!

Daring Décor

Life-Sized Artist’s Manikin

If you really want to make a statement with a memorable gift, look no further! The art supplies retailer, BLICK, offers life-sized wooden manikins as a reference tool. They could be a learning aid for the amateur artist, of course, but they could also make a wonderfully quirky piece of décor in their living room! And yes, you can adjust the manikin to stand (or sit) in different positions. Do with that what you will.

Poseable Art History Models

We’re willing to bet that an amateur artist has spent a LOT of time studying the greats of art history. They probably admire The Thinker, The Vitruvian Man, The Venus De Milo – but what if they could tweak them just a bit?

FREEing Table Museum action figures let you bring mini versions of the most remarkable sculptures of all time into your home and reimagine them however you want! Do you want The Thinker to stand up and stretch for a change? You got it. Do you think The Venus De Milo deserves an arm or two? You can add those on. These action figures are a fun (albeit irreverent) way to celebrate an amateur artist’s favorite pieces.

Dali’s Melting Clock

Every artist needs quirky pieces to hang around their home, and it doesn’t get more quirky than Dali’s melting clock from “The Persistence of Memory.”

This real-life replica is the perfect addition to an artist’s desk, mantel, or bookshelf. And the best part is that it’s fully functional! This clock isn’t just for show – it keeps time, too! So long as time exists, that is…


Balance Stool

Painting and sculpting require a lot of sitting time. And with hours spent in the studio, an amateur artist might suffer from backaches, stiffness, and weak core muscles after a while! Help them combat these issues and extend their muscles’ longevity with a balance stool. A balance stool forces their core muscles to work harder and become stronger in the process, fighting poor posture and other back problems – all while they work on their art!

Hand Massager

An artist’s back and core muscles aren’t the only muscles taking a beating throughout the day. They’re continually working with their hands to make their art come to life! Help them relax and rejuvenate their most essential tools with a hand compression massager. The heat will help ease muscle cramps, and the compression will help their hands feel good as new the next day. You’re basically helping your amateur artist become more productive so they can further their career – so maybe they’ll let you borrow the hand massager from time to time.


Your amateur has many ideas swirling around inside their brain, and they could use some help bringing them to fruition. Drawing rough sketches is all well and good, but that means wasting precious sketchpad space and materials. Instead, get them the Original BUDDHA BOARD to help them develop creations with a less wasteful medium!

The idea behind the BUDDHA BOARD is to help you embrace the Zen lifestyle of living in the moment. You “paint” the surface of the board with water to bring your vision to life. As the water evaporates, your image fades and leaves you with a clean slate, fresh and ready to start over. Not only will this save your artist some precious art materials, but it will also help boost their mindfulness and bring some peace to their lives.

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