Hanging Garden: Dressing Up Your Apartment

Who says you need to have a big garden to have lots of plants and flowers? Hanging gardens, also known as vertical gardens, don’t require a lot of space and can be designed in different styles to suit your personal needs. There are many DIY ideas for vertical gardens that are easy to create and maintain. So you can make your vertical garden on your balcony, terrace, kitchen, or even in your small backyard.

Why start doing hanging gardens?

The answer is simple – it’s a real space-saver! When we don’t have enough space, we naturally choose to climb our plants to the wall or to any space that allows us to do so. All we need is water, a minimum of light, and desire.

No room for an indoor garden? We dare the hanging garden!

There is no question of depriving yourself of green plants when you live in an apartment or have no outside space. With a hanging garden, nature invites itself in the decoration for an atmosphere as original as poetic. DIY, recycled or ready-made, macramé or pallets? We have found the most beautiful indoor gardens to adopt at home!
Here are original and creative ideas that will inspire you to create a hanging garden outside or inside:

1. A hanging garden with recycled baskets

A DIY hanging garden with recycled wicker baskets? It’s easy. You slip S-hooks in three places on the edges of the basket, attach a length of string and tie the whole thing 30 to 50 cm higher on a fourth hook. Now you just slide a pot into each basket and hang it in a cluster on a rack or rail.

2. Pierced shelves for a hanging garden

Want a sleek, space-saving version of the hanging garden? First, drill the diameter of a bunch of pots into the rough wooden boards (the diameter at the height of the middle of the pot, otherwise it will fall through!). We then drill the four corners of each board. Finally, we slide a large rope attached to rings on the ceiling and possibly on the floor; the suspended shelf is ready to receive its plants.

3. A macramé platform for a hanging garden

Macramé lovers, it’s up to you. To transform a room into a hanging garden, we cut out wooden circles. Then find a good tutorial and tie rope, or even strips of cut t-shirt, in macramé to create a suspension in which to slide the platform. You’ll be bluffing once you hang it from a beam or ceiling with a pretty plant on it!

4. Birdcages transformed into a hanging garden

Creating an original hanging garden is as simple as hanging a pretty bird. Forget baskets or macramé; we revisit the concept with recycled birdcages. Vintage or new, modern or retro, everything is possible since the decorative object is trendy… Just hang them in accumulation, slip in colorful plants, and admire.

5. A garden hanging on a curtain rod

If the question remains where to place a hanging garden, we found two simple ideas: the shower curtain rod or curtain rod. Since the bars are already there, just hang macramé hangers of different sizes and colors to create a unique indoor garden. And it works with a mobile rack too!

6. Planters and string for a hanging garden

No fairy fingers for macramé? We fall back on the string. We pass it under the pots by crossing it underneath to create a suspension; then, we surround the pot until it is covered, placing a few points of glue to ensure the solidity of the whole. Not only do the ugly planters become decorative, but you get a DIY hanging garden for cheap.

7. A hanging garden on wireframes

What if we told you that the ultra-popular wire mesh plates for offices could also be transformed into a hanging garden? You build up the grids on the wall and place plastic bins designed to store pencils and notebooks… Some potting soil, easy-to-care-for plants, and there you have it, a modular plant composition!

8. Mini terrariums in a hanging garden style

When you don’t have enough room for plants, a hanging garden is often the solution. And when you don’t have enough space for a hanging garden, you can dare to create a miniature hanging garden! The secret? Mini terrariums in Christmas bauble format to be hung, filled with succulents in a concentrated format. An unbeatable fairy-tale atmosphere.

9. A hanging garden with buckets on rails

One of the most fashionable storage systems from a certain Swedish giant consists of metal bars fixed to the wall, and metal buckets hung on them to store spatulas, markers, or scissors. The good idea? Replace the markers with plants! The colorful buckets match the flowers of a hanging garden, and the result is as chic as it is easy to maintain.

10. Buckets on pallets for a hanging garden

We take the same and start over, or almost. Metal buckets hung with string on recycled pallets form a hanging garden like a plant wall, perfect on the balcony or in the living room. A decorative asset to personalize with the seasons by changing the buckets and plants until the mini hanging vegetable garden in summer!

11. Recycled glass bottles for a hanging garden

Granted, this is a temporary hanging garden, but the result is well worth the effort. For example, to create a bucolic decor for an evening or a wedding, we recycle small colored or transparent glass bottles hung on a pergola or a beam with string. A little water, a few cut flowers, and the decor are set!

12. A hanging garden on the bathroom ceiling

The secret to a hanging garden is accumulation: hang not one but many plants to create a garden effect. A decorative trick that works wonders in the bathroom, a humid room that some plants love… and in which simple hooks in the ceiling are enough to fix macramé suspensions of the most beautiful decorative effect!

Now you’re one step closer to house decorated on a budget! For more creative ideas, visit The Tea Dump for weekly blogs. Be sure to check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for updates on our awesome content.