Designing Your Interior Space According to Feng Shui

Lovers of zen and new design trends, the Feng Shui way of life is for you! Between harmony and a feeling of well-being, this ancestral technique has been adopted with great success by you as a collector, designer, interior architect… For you as an amateur and fond of new inspirations, discover how to bring a touch of purity and lightness to your interior space.


A little culture won’t hurt you!

The terms Feng and Shui literally mean “wind and water.” Imported straight from the civilizations in China, this philosophy of life has existed since Antiquity. It is important to know that the Chinese culture includes many therapeutic practices for a human being. Meditation is without counting a benefit and an essential criterion that gives rise today to Feng Shui.

The goal is to harmonize with your environment by combining comfort and nature in your own interior space. A perfect definition of the art of living is inspired by the notion of Yin and Yong and the principle of the five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood. In addition to having its own particularity, the principle of Feng Shui has inspired the architects of great Chinese monuments to bring a harmonious breath to their layout.

A new way of life, but why?

For most of us, a change of scenery is not necessarily guaranteed, given our time at work and our occupations. Obviously, to compensate for these negative effects on our health, the need to adopt this practice into our lifestyle has become essential to our personal well-being.

What is the reason for this? Other than healthy food or sports practices that will give you a boost to your daily life, Feng Shui will change your life for a long time. Zero effort will cost you just a part of your time. Think of it as a part of fun and novelty in your interior design.

Namely, your home is an integral part of your personality. That’s why a renovation of a part of your environment will positively impact your way of being. Indeed, the positive energy that you install in your home will affect you.

Feng Shui is a simple practice that will allow you to feel better and healthier quality of life. It is, therefore, wise to take the essential elements for the success of your interior design.


The Chi

As you can see, Feng Shui contributes to your personal balance and well-being. The principle is based on the effect of the circulation of positive waves that improve the atmosphere of your apartment. We speak then of therapeutic practices which act directly on our body. So, there is nothing better than to surround yourself with objects that exert a positive force on you daily.
The arrangement of these objects will allow an optimal circulation of what is called “Chi” in the spiritual jargon.

The Ying and the Yang

You must have heard of the famous Ying (female) and Yang (male). It represents the positive reflection of the contradictory impulses of the objects you install in your home. Clearly, the materials must complement each other in their difference: a wooden wardrobe, a marble mirror, and metal accessories (Yang) with curtains, cushions, a feather rug (Yin); it works! But, conversely, the accumulation of similar objects unbalances the living room.


Know that for your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, the rules remain the same.

1. Avoid imposing furniture.

Leave space between your furniture so as not to obstruct the passage. In addition, you will leave room for light and asset-specific to Feng Shui. This essential element will dress your interior, bringing clarity and brightness to your space.

Conviviality will become your strong point during dinner with friends!

2. Regarding the organization of your room.

The bed is the heart of your room. It should be parallel to the window, with its head against the wall. For the simple reason that it is more pleasant when you wake up and rest. It should also be installed diagonally from the door so that you can see anyone entering the room.

As an advice, de-clutter your room to avoid leaving any negative waves and leave room for harmony.

In addition, the separation of your office and your sleeping area is essential. The fusion of the two spaces makes impossible the moments of relaxation and distorts the principle of Feng Shui.

3. Accessorize your interior.

The decoration, we don’t always think about it, and it often comes second. Of course, it is an investment, and it requires a little more time, but you will be wrong to miss it. The plants will add the nature and relaxation side to bring you all the serenity you need.

The installation of a fountain will be a plus to make you feel even better at home. And yes, the presence of water is a perfect answer to Feng Shui practices.

4. Fill your home with appropriate colors.

Colors symbolize different universes in the Feng Shui method. It represents a soothing touch that will dress your interior. For example, green is synonymous with nature, and therefore a change of scenery. The choice of the colors will thus come in complement and will define your environment.

5. Prioritize curves rather than perfect lines.

As you may have noticed, Feng Shui has particular rules. Every detail counts and is not negligible to let the positive energy flow. For this, it will be necessary to prioritize the curves rather than the perfect lines for a pure and ordered space.

These 5 rules of Feng Shui have allowed many people worldwide to keep a better balance in their daily lives. So opt for calm and appeasement without hesitation!