Decorating Trends: Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian interior design fashion is part of the modernist trend. It features minimalist furniture and art pieces that radiate serene and peaceful energy, ideal for many owners that want to achieve a nice-looking harmonious place. This trend has been around since the 1950s but lately resurfaced and became extremely popular among the population.

But what does Scandinavian fashion involve, and why do people decide to switch to this trend lately? Light, subtle colors, preferably white with accent tones in brown, black, or even green, are standard characteristics of the trend, along with materials such as wood and steel. The essence of Scandinavian fashion relies on a minimalist aesthetic full of simple and useful designs that promote productivity and a mindset shift focused on keeping less but benefiting more. Below you can find the most popular and beautiful Scandinavian trends to turn your place into your dream house.

1. Light Neutral Colors In Minimalist Rooms

Subtle hints of color in light palettes are key to achieving a Scandinavian-oriented interior design. But this trend is more than just painting old furniture or buying the greenest plants, it is a philosophy that stands on only keeping the stuff we use and need instead of filling the place with random items that only take up space.

Color palettes tend to be on the lighter side but with contrasting tones in specific pieces such as couches, tables, and art.

Transitioning to a “Scandinavian mentality” can be very helpful to organize your life and, consequently, your mind. Therefore the first step to turn your home according to the nordic fashion would be to get rid of every item and piece you don’t use much or feel like someone else could benefit from it more than you. Dumpster rentals like JCS Group provide homeowners with affordable dumpster rental services that allow them to transport the stuff they don’t need anymore at the best price with top-of-line customer care and service from the minute you call.

2. Spacious Environments

Continuing with the previous point, spacious environments are one of the most notable elements of Nordic fashion. This doesn’t mean you need to have the biggest house possible, but to achieve a clean and large-looking house with the help of minimalist colors and very few furniture pieces. If you look around your place right now there are probably a few things you don’t actually need, and that space could be used for other purposes or be left empty and provide your home with more space.

Taking out stuff you don’t need anymore as well as cleaning up debris is a bit tedious if one has to do everything by itself, but thankfully that’s what JCS Group does best. Affordable rental dumpster services at the best price on the market with a professional customer service team ready to assist you and help you decide which dumpster capacity fits best for your project.

Businesses can also transition to a Scandinavian interior design, which can promote employee productivity as well as health among workers, thus creating clean and spacious environments known to prevent diseases and injuries. Bigger rental dumpsters are available as well for projects like this, keeping the best price available.

3. Functionality And Fewer Pieces

A good Scandinavian-oriented home design achieves a functional and minimalistic environment. This means fewer but useful furniture pieces that have just the right amount of space needed to provide a home that performs as desired. Why have 6 chairs in a house of 4 when there is a sofa and one-seaters in the living room? Those 2 extra chairs take up space, and the same applies to the rest of the house. If you have a furniture item repeated throughout the place, even though there are other pieces that can be used for the same purpose, think about how much space you could have if you got rid of them.

Major clean-up and renovations not only take up energy but space as well, therefore engaging in a dumpster rental company such as JCS Group will make the process a lot easier and faster. With 5 different roll-off dumpster capacities varying from 10 yards up to 40 yards, as well as having a 5-star customer service team, this service is rated number 1 on the market. It doesn’t matter what your project requires or where you’re located, be sure that JCS Group has it all covered. Here you can find a detailed list of the places available on the service map.


Scandinavian interior design trends are extremely popular these days and not only promote having a clean and relaxing space at home but transfer that philosophy to one’s life as well. Getting rid of things you don’t need anymore is helpful for you, for your place, and for the environment as well, thanks to the large number of places that recycle materials, trash, and whole furniture pieces.

To help people go through this process in a much easier and stress-free way, dumpster rental services are essential and highly recommended. Each container has a different capacity ready to assist you in every project you have, followed by a professional 5-star team that will guide you from the minute you call, and the most important feature: zero hidden fees, ever. It is extremely important to find a company that cares for its customers and completes the work efficiently and quickly.

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