Create a Deck for Less

Building a deck allows you to have additional outdoor space. However, this project requires a significant investment. The amount of money you need to spend depends on the type of deck you want to build, its size, and the different options. Nevertheless, you should know that it is possible to have a deck oven with a modest budget. This article will show you how to build a cheap deck so that you can realize your project.

Finding a cheap decking material

The cost of a deck varies mainly according to the material used for its manufacture. This is due to the price difference between materials (wood, concrete, stone…). Thus, to build a cheap deck, it is advisable to choose a cheap material but quality.

Which material to choose for a cheap deck

Depending on the desired look, building a deck in wood, concrete, resin, stone, rice husk, tiles, or composite.

Here are the preferred materials to build a cheap terrace:

•Composite wood
•Resin wood

Their prices also depend on their quality.

Note: natural stone, rice husk, printed concrete, exotic wood, and resin do not allow for a cheap terrace.

Cheap tile decking

Tile is an aesthetic, resistant, easy to maintain, and particularly affordable covering. In addition, it is available in various colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, which allows you to customize your deck as you wish.

However, it is advisable to choose an exterior tile that is adapted to your deck.

In terms of price, a tiled terrace covering can range from 10 to 170$ per m². Therefore, it is not necessarily the cheapest terrace, but it is possible to enjoy an excellent quality/price ratio by choosing your tiles carefully.

Composite wood for an inexpensive deck

If you are dreaming of a cheap wood deck, composite wood can be an interesting solution.
Composite wood is made from a mixture of compressed and agglomerated wood fibers. This material offers a look similar to wood and has a longer lifespan. In addition, it is less expensive than noble wood.

A composite wood deck will cost between 20 and 70$ per m², excluding installation in terms of price. This is a higher budget than European wood, but this material has the advantage of not requiring maintenance.

Which species for a cheap wood deck?

Resin wood, on the other hand, provides an aesthetic and solid deck. However, it requires specific maintenance and treatment to optimize its lifespan. On the other hand, it costs less than exotic wood species.

In terms of budget, the price of a softwood deck ranges from 15 to 35$ per m², excluding installation. Wooden decking is, therefore, one of the least expensive, but it is important to allow for additional costs, particularly for treating it against humidity.

Concrete decking: a low-cost solution

Concrete is especially appreciated for its solidity, longevity, and sturdiness. A concrete deck is also easy to maintain. In addition, this material is generally affordable, with a price between 40 and 110 $ per m².

While its lifespan is virtually unbeatable, you may need to invest in a deck covering, which will increase the overall budget. So concrete decking is not necessarily the cheapest decking.

Cheap decking: controlling the installation price in addition to the cost of materials and supplies, you should also consider the cost of having the deck installed by a professional.


To reduce labor costs, you should find a cheap artisan to install your deck. It is also possible to do the work yourself.

How to find a cheap artisan for the construction of your deck?

To avoid possible inconveniences such as cracks on the concrete deck or wood warping, or poorly laid tiles, it is advisable to contact a professional. To find a cheap builder, it is advisable to compare the offers of different providers.

To do so, here are the steps to follow:

•Ask for several quotes for decking. It is advisable to compare at least three quotes for the installation of a deck.

•Compare the quotes to find the contractor with the best offer.

If you want to do the work yourself, choose wood or composite decking. They are easier to make.

How to build a cheap wooden deck?

Wooden decks are often available in kit form. These models are often less expensive and are easy to install. It is then possible to make a wooden deck in a kit from yourself.

However, you must have a minimum of DIY skills, have the necessary tools for assembly and follow a tutorial on how to install a wooden deck.

Here are our tips for making a deck for cheap:
•Choose composite wood.

•Opt for a wood decking kit, which makes it easier to buy materials.

•Installing your own decking

If you still want to have the deck installed by a professional, find out how much it costs to install a wood deck by following this link.

Building a cheap terrace: benefit from the reduced VAT

The construction of a terrace can benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 10% under certain conditions.
Thus, you can save on the price of supplies and labor for the construction of your terrace.

Indeed, the reduced VAT (10% instead of 20%) applies only if :

•The work is done on the house built more than 2 years ago as part of a renovation.

•The terrace is built in stone.

•The terrace is attached to your home (primary or secondary residence).

•The construction or renovation of the terrace is carried out by a building professional.

You have thus seen that it is quite possible to make a cheap terrace. Just follow the advice in this guide, and you will have a cheap deck that meets your expectations.

Don’t hesitate to compare decking quotes if you’re looking to compare deck installers’ prices. The form below allows you to compare decking prices for free.

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