Cleaning The Carpet: The Different Methods

There are some great carpet designs to decorate our interiors. However, if you have one or more carpets in your home, it is important to maintain and clean them regularly. There are several ways to clean a carpet: dry, wet, with different types of products, with specialized equipment, or depending on the type of carpet to be cleaned. Good maintenance ensures a healthy and clean living space. We explain how to effectively clean a carpet: methods, products, and regular maintenance.

Before cleaning your carpets, you must take some precautions. Indeed, it is important to read the labels of your carpets to follow the recommended cleaning methods or the recommended frequency of washing.

In the same way, you must take precautions according to the material or texture of the carpets. If you are unsure of the proper washing temperatures, ask your dry-cleaner for advice.

To get off to a good start, start with dry cleaning. You can then move on to cleaning with liquid products depending on the situation.
Before cleaning your carpet with any product, always test a small piece of the carpet to check the stability of the colors.

How to dry clean a carpet?

Vacuuming your carpets about twice a week saves you from having to do major cleaning every 6 months. To do this, use the brush mode and vacuum from side to side, going back and forth several times. On the other hand, if your carpet is old and fragile, avoid the brushing mode because you risk damaging it.

Another dry-cleaning tip is to sprinkle your carpet with baking soda and scrub with a brush. Leave the baking soda on overnight and then vacuum up.

Terre de Sommières is a lump of clay with strong stain removal power also used to clean carpets. To get the most out of it, sprinkle some Terre de Sommières on your entire carpet and leave it overnight before vacuuming.

If you want to remove a wine stain, immediately blot the stain with paper towels and then sprinkle the Terre de Sommières around the stain and on top. Leave the powder on overnight or all day, then vacuum up.

Cleaning carpets with liquids

After our dry-cleaning tips, you can use the following techniques if your carpet is still not clean and shiny.

Cleaning carpets with potatoes

Thanks to the starch they contain, potato peels are a very effective cleaning agent. To take advantage of this, make an infusion of potato peels and soak a sponge in this mixture to clean your carpets.

Then let the product work for a few hours and rinse with clear water using a sponge. Finally, let your carpet dry, and it will be like new.
Carbonated water + baking soda = clean carpet every time

If your carpet has many stains and is starting to lose its color, the combination of soda water and baking soda will do it a world of good. To do this, immerse a sponge in soda water and use it to brush your carpet.

Leave the soda water on for about 30 minutes, and then sprinkle your carpet with baking soda. Just wait for the baking soda to dry before vacuuming, and you’re done!

Cleaning a carpet with white vinegar

For heavily soiled carpets with even grease stains, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid are the best combinations for effective cleaning. To do this, soak a sponge in white vinegar and clean the stains. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, and then make a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid into a foam. Rub the carpet with this mixture and rinse with clear water using a sponge. To dry your carpet, use a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning a carpet with ammonia

Another alternative is to add a little ammonia to a spray bottle filled with water and soak the stain to be removed with this mixture. Then rub the stain with a dampened sponge and clean with a dry cloth and let it dry.

The different types of carpets and how to clean them

Regular maintenance of your carpet is essential to give it a longer life. Dust, dust mites, and mud stains, carpets are likely to get dirty since they are on the floor.

Regular vacuuming will remove most of the dust. However, it is better to do annual maintenance of your carpet to remove the encrusted stains.

Whether your wool carpet has aged, a short or long pile, we have some tips to help you give it a new shine. These few simple gestures will make your life easier, but above all, they will make cleaning your carpet easier!

How to clean a wool carpet?

Wool is a natural material that has an undeniable charm for interior decoration.
To maintain your wool carpet, vacuum regularly on low power. To sanitize a wool carpet and eliminate any bad odors, you can sprinkle it with baking soda. Leave for 2 hours (or even overnight) and then vacuum again.

Bacteria and dust mites will be eliminated!

To clean a stained wool carpet, you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar. Wet stains can be removed with a simple paper towel if it is a recent stain.

For difficult stains, you can replace the vinegar with black soap. The important thing to remember is not to apply the product directly to the stain but rather to “dab” the carpet with a soaked cloth.

How to maintain a shag carpet?

When vacuuming a shaggy carpet, make sure you vacuum in the direction of the fiber. Vacuuming in the opposite direction can damage the fibers of your carpet, which can be harmful.

It is recommended to clean a long pile carpet once or twice a week. Do not pull on any protruding threads. Instead, cut them to make your carpet look more harmonious.

If it is an acrylic carpet, you can afford to use soapy water. But, of course, you don’t want to drown your carpet. So use as little water as possible.

To dry it, hang it on a clothesline. If possible, dry it outside. This can be done once or twice a year.

How do I clean a shag carpet?

Generally, a short pile carpet is easier to maintain than a long pile carpet. Again, you can use soapy water (black soap or Marseille soap) to do the annual maintenance of your carpet.

If you can’t put your carpet outside, dry it with a dry cloth, a terry towel, or even a hairdryer before hanging it up.
To clean a filthy carpet, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and hot water (in the same proportions).

The best way to clean a short pile carpet is with a steam cleaner. It will thoroughly clean your carpet. If you have a lot of carpets at home, it is also possible to invest in a water vacuum cleaner, which has the advantage of combining the 3 functions, it vacuums, washes, and dries your carpet!

How to clean an old carpet?

Some carpets retain their charm even after years of use. But it’s not always easy to clean an aged carpet!

If it is a carpet that is precious to you, you can do a dry-cleaning using baking soda. As with wool carpets, leave for at least 2 hours before vacuuming to remove the baking soda, which should have absorbed all the dirt.

If you really care about your carpet, don’t hesitate to entrust it to a professional. Although this operation is more expensive than a home cleaning, you will obtain an optimal result. This is an ideal way to give a carpet a second life.

If it is a carpet you don’t particularly care for, you can always try cleaning it with soda crystals dissolved in hot water or with a mixture of water and ammonia (2/3 for 1/3).

How to avoid clogging your carpet?

The easiest way to maintain a carpet is to avoid clogging it… although this is not always easy! Regular maintenance is the most effective way to keep your carpet clean. Piles are straightened, and your carpet is dusted!

Before using a product, ensure the result by testing your cleaning on a small part of the carpet and then try it on the whole carpet. Finally, remember that you will probably have to clean the whole carpet to get a harmonious result if you clean a stain.

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