A Guide to Creating Your Own Workspace

How to Create the Perfect Workspace for Your Online Business

Working during the pandemic has taught us something crucial; focusing on work from home is tough. We didn’t design our homes, expecting them to be used as offices. Most of us spend our time at home relaxing, watching tv or internet videos, and eating food.

Having a dedicated workspace is the key to being productive in the age of remote work—but not all of us have the room for a workspace. I’m here to tell you that you do have the space to make your very own office.

With a little bit of creativity here and a little Feng shui there,  you’ll instantly boost your productivity and work quality. 

Work With What You Have

Ideally, you would dedicate an entire room to being your workspace. If you can do this, great. If you can’t, there are still things you can do. The idea is to create a space that is distinct from the rest of your living area.

Just like you have a room for sleeping, cooking, eating, and bathing, you should have a space to work. Imagine cooking food in your bedroom or sleeping in your bathroom. Naturally, it wouldn’t feel right working in an area not meant for working.

Out With the Old and in With The New

Whether you are working with an entire room or just part of a room, you will need to make room and change the space. Take a look around and consider what you can get rid of. Maybe you can do without the side table you never think about, or the old dresser that holds even more things you don’t need.

JCS Group offers residential dumpsters at an affordable price and makes it easy to rent one. If you want to make a dent or have a big job to tackle, renting a dumpster is the way to go—no need to worry about making frequent trips to unload your unwanted things.

Once you have a room or an area cleared, you’ll be able to put everything you need to work there comfortably. For most of us, this means a chair, desk, lamp, and computer. The more space you have to work with, the more freedom you have in making the space your own.

Let There be Light!

Nowadays, remote work also means a lot of video conferencing. In a matter of months, everyone who works or goes to school became a Zoom user. So video lighting is more important than ever.

The way you add lighting to your space will depend on the area you have to work with. If you work near a window, you are going to need some curtains to control the lighting. If your desk is tucked away from the rest of the room, then you will need to consider adding another light source.

Using proper lighting gives you a more professional look and makes the whole process of video conferencing smoother. When people can see each other more clearly, it becomes less clear that you aren’t talking in person.

Lighting quick tips:

  • Use a lamp in front of your face.
  • If the background is brighter than the foreground, people won’t be able to see you.
  • Put your camera in front of a window.
  • Position the light source at least a few feet away from you.

Comfortable, but Not Too Comfortable 

If you are working full time from home, you probably spend a minimum of 8 hours sitting in front of your computer every day. All that time can take a toll on your body if you don’t have a comfortable work area and incorporate good posture into your space.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to be too comfortable. You don’t want to be relaxed when you have things to do. As much as you may like to work from bed, there is a reason office chairs make you sit up straight.

  1. Choose the Right Chair

Choosing the right chair will depend on your personal preference. But no matter what chair you get, it needs to fit your desk and body height. Most adjustable chairs will be suitable for any body shape and desk height, so pay special attention to how it feels to sit in it. 

If you can, test the chair before you buy it. The tricky part of buying an office chair online is that you don’t know how it will feel to sit in it. If you decide to buy your chair online, make sure there is a lenient return policy in case the chair isn’t for you.

An office chair with neck support can be a lifesaver if sitting in a chair all day makes your neck and shoulders ache. Just remember not to make the chair too comfortable; it’s all about being productive.

  1. Use a Desk With Room to Spare

Clutter is one of the greatest barriers to staying focused. But we can’t all be expected to keep our desk in tip-top shape throughout the workday. This is why making your desk as large as you can is always a good idea.

Not only will a larger desk help your work area stay uncluttered, but it will also help with multitasking, visualizing tasks, and freeing up your mind for the task at hand. There is nothing more distracting than trying to work around the mess on a desk.

  1. Raise Your Monitor to Eye Level

After you have a comfortable chair and desk that allows you to sit with a healthy posture, the next best thing you can do is raise your monitor to eye level. Doing this is a quick and easy way to ensure that your body isn’t hurting after a long day at work.

Some desks have a raised level where you can put your laptop. You can also buy an inexpensive stand for your computer if your desk doesn’t have this. Using extra monitors is another easy way to bring screens to eye level. Avoid hunching and looking down at your screen at all costs!

Use JCS Group for Your Next Home Project

Your home should adapt to you, not the other way around. But the task of clearing out old furniture, appliances, or boxes of long-forgotten things can seem a little scary. 

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