9 Ways to Upgrade Your Old Curtains

Curtains are hard to give up on. But if they are dull and tired after years of washing and ironing, they may make your space drab and dull. Unfortunately, curtains are not cheap, so you cannot just go out and buy new ones all that easily. The good news is that you can easily upgrade curtains with a little bit of time, effort, and creativity. So if you are looking for ways to upgrade your curtains, here are nine ways that can help get you started.

1. Make New Curtains From Old Ones

This is the most basic way of upgrading your curtains. If you have curtains that are still in good shape, cut a few inches off and sew them on some curtains that are a new shape and style. You can also use your revised version as your new curtains for your space.

This method can be beneficial if you have curtains that are too long for your windows. You can also use too short curtains to add a touch of color and design to your kitchen curtains.

2. Swap Curtains With Another Room

This is also a prevalent way of upgrading curtains. If curtains in any of your other rooms in your home are still in good condition, grab them and replace the curtains on your windows with them. It is a good idea to choose curtains that match the theme of your home. For example, curtains in your living room can be very different from curtains in your bedroom and completely change the look and feel of a room.

3. Get Creative With Color

As much as you may love your curtains, sometimes their design is just not working for you anymore. The good news is that curtains can be easily transformed by adding colors or painting them. So, before throwing out old curtains, experiment with different colors to see what works best for you.

For instance, if you have white curtains, grab some paint or dye and transform them into black curtains. Also, don’t forget to check out free DIY projects online to get more inspiration on how to upgrade your curtains creatively without spending a penny.

4. Add Sparkle

Do you want to add a little more glam to your curtains? Then check out some tutorials about how to add sequins and sparkles onto curtains. One of the simplest ways of doing that is using glue or a hot glue gun. You can also experiment with adding different trims to the bottoms or changing the rope to tie them back.

5. Make Curtains Out of Tablecloths

This is an incredible hack if you have old tablecloths lying around the house. The good news is that curtains do not have to look the same all the way down. So, grab a tablecloth and cut it into curtains. If you want to be creative, try cutting the curtains to create different patterns or designs.

6. Create Curtains from Old Clothing

If you have a lot of old T-shirts or clothes, you may not know that they can make great curtains. All you have to do is cut them into strips and sew the pieces together. You can choose to use any old clothing, but it is recommended to use thicker fabrics like jeans or sweaters for curtains as they are more durable than thinner fabrics.

If you don’t want to take your time making new curtains, you can experiment and find different ways to add additional fabric to your existing ones. For example, you can experiment with using old clothing to create a patchwork effect or even create stripes to run down the middle.

7. Get Your Curtains Altered

If you are feeling short on time, there is also the option of getting curtains upgraded and re-made just for you. You can also get a tailor to jazz up your existing curtains by adding new trim or additional fabric and features.

This is a great way to get curtains that are exactly what you want at an affordable price. In addition, there are many different fabrics available, so your curtains can genuinely reflect and upgrade your curtains to your new personal style.

8. Get Rid of Curtains Altogether

If you have disliked your curtains for a long time, then no point in keeping old curtains around wastes space and occupies valuable real estate. If you want to replace curtains with blinds or shades, go ahead and do so. You can always use your curtains for something else and turn them into different items, like pillowcases or decorative cushions.

9. Add Sheer Curtains

If your curtains aren’t working in your home, consider breaking them apart and adding sheer curtains in between. Sheer curtains let the light shine in and can break up strong or dominating curtain patterns. This method will also not require any additional hardware or any hard work. All you have to do is hang your curtains, and voila! You will now have light curtains that can still provide privacy.

You’ll be amazed at how much your curtains will change once you make this simple update.


Curtains are an essential part of any room and can completely change the mood of a room. If you are not satisfied with your curtains or are too outdated, these simple solutions can provide you with a new look and feel. Furthermore, since curtains require little work, you can easily customize curtains to create exactly what you want – curtains that speak to you and your style. Follow this simple advice, and curtains will soon be the most customized part of your home décor.

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