5 Design Ideas for a Balcony

When the nice weather arrives and it is finally possible to put the nose outside, different options are possible: settle down in your garden, go for a walk in nature or laze around on the balcony! For those of you who live in the city and have no other choice than to rediscover your balcony, we have come up with the best ideas for decorating it and never get tired of it.

Would you like to turn your balcony into a little corner of paradise for lounging around or inviting your friends over? Discover the current trends that can help you create the balcony of your dreams. You do not have to change the entire décor to give your balcony a new look.

With simple decorative elements, you can transform the look of your outdoor space in an instant.
There is a misconception that narrow spaces have limited potential. Although they can be more complex to design, they add real value to a property when they reveal their full potential. Here is how to design your very small balcony!

1. The bench and cushions: on the balcony as in the living room!

It is not forbidden to leave your sofa for a moment to settle down and continue your reading in a small bench installed in the width of your balcony! On the contrary, it is ideal for enjoying the sun’s rays or a little coolness in summer. It has the added advantage of acting as a privacy screen and an additional safety wall; the perfect solution to prevent your children from venturing too close to the edges!
You can have it custom made so that it perfectly fits the width and angles of your space. If you want to limit your investment, you can use modular furniture instead.

2. The green wall: an oasis in the city.

There’s nothing like having access to a little greenery in your home, especially several floors up! Unfortunately, flowerpots and plants often take up a lot of space and can be cumbersome in a space that is already difficult to navigate. The solution: create a plant wall on one of the side walls. This alternative to planters will give a modern touch to this space, while creating an effective soundproofing!
Grow climbing, scented or aromatic plants, and install them on a hanging system in the form of a trellis, made of wood for example.
The benefits of plants on the balcony

It’s proven that plants are good for your health. They contribute to our well-being and affect our mood. The mere sight of greenery is good for us and helps us to slow down and breathe. Green plants have many virtues, including a depolluting effect, perfect for balconies in the city center. In addition to this purifying power, they would participate in a good circulation of energies and would have a relaxing and soothing influence on our mind. So what are you waiting for to green up your pretty balcony?

3. Colored lights: the guinguette touch and conviviality.

Our well-being depends on light… and not only indoors! It is very pleasant to eat on your balcony in the evening, but the light of a few candles – even if they are romantic – is not enough! The must? Solar powered string lights! They are LED powered and come in a multitude of colors, shapes and lengths. Do not hesitate to mix and match to create a certain density and a warm atmosphere (we trust you: Christmas is not all year long)!

4. A micro dining area: for eating at altitude.

By creating living areas, you give functions to different spaces of your balcony: relaxation, gardening, cooking… In the latter case, install a small table and a set of folding chairs, which you can move or store when the weather is not good. If space permits, install a small sideboard with a tabletop barbecue to enjoy the pleasure of grilling and vacation memories.
Make sure your condominium allows the use of electric barbecues before sending out your smoke signals.

5. Pleasant floors: the little extra care.

Dressing up your floor can only brighten up your spindly balcony. For this, choose artificial grass! Ideal for small areas, it has none of the disadvantages of real grass: it requires no watering or maintenance and is UV and moisture resistant. If you wish, place it only on the edge of your balcony and cover the rest of the ground with wooden gratings, for a 100% country atmosphere!
You will go on your balcony much more often if you can walk on it barefoot!

The balcony trend is on the rise! There is no shortage of ideas for surfing on it. Recover wooden pallets that you can restore to cover the floor, grow a mini vegetable garden in crates, make your own stools out of recycled wood or a birdhouse out of corks! All this does not take up much space but will give your balcony an undeniable cachet.

All you have to do is exploit the space! It does not cost anything to try, even if you do not want to keep an idea, or change the layout after a few months. Pick from our tips, and complete them according to your desire and your tastes; add flying fabric or a parasol to isolate you from the other side of the room, give yourself a Parisian rooftop atmosphere with a mosaic pedestal table, complete your bench with 2-in-1 furniture and storage… The choices are free, as long as you achieve two things: to arrange the angles and break the aspect of corridor.

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