12 Eye-Catching Interior Pieces for Your Home

Who doesn’t love adding a fresh, new piece of furniture to your house? Whether it’s a chair of vibrant colors, a funky coffee table, or a unique couch, one piece can transform the whole look of your living space. Furniture doesn’t have to be a plain, unimpressive fixture – it can be the focal point of the room!

If you’re looking for some unique, eye-catching pieces to add to your home, look no further! Here are 12 pieces of furniture to turn the heads of all your visitors.

Kenway Upholstered Loveseat – World Market

We’re starting this list strong! This loveseat has a sleek, simple structure, but the upholstery really makes a statement. If the vibrant pinks and reds aren’t your style, this piece comes in two other patterns that are just as bold in their own ways! This loveseat has a five-star rating too, so you know it’s just as comfy as it is flashy!

Asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa

Taking a step back with the color while keeping the style points high is the Asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa. Classy, understated, yet super unique in its design, this sofa adds a modern touch to any room. And with luxurious velvet fabric, it would be hard to get up ever again!

HROOME Modern Contemporary Decorative Wood Floor Lamp – Amazon

Any space needs a good floor lamp to make a statement, and this one by HROOME is the perfect – albeit quirky – solution! Standing at five feet tall, this lamp (or person) is adjustable to give you optimal lighting where you need it most. You can also adjust it to stand in any pose that you’d like! Waving at visitors, reaching out for a high-five, doing the YMCA – whatever suits your style. And don’t worry, if you need a smaller model, the company also makes desk and table lamps with the same human-like design!

nest chair by Marcel Wanders – Hive

If you’re one to appreciate the finer things in life, this is the chair for you! Created by Norwegian designer Marcel Wanders, the nest chair is top-of-the-line comfort and style. Its plump cushions are perfect for cozying up with a good book or movie, but it’s bright splashes of color act as a piece of art all on its own. Check out Marcel’s collection for more designer prints and styles!

Mammoth Wing Chair – Amy Somerville, London

In keeping with the designer chair theme, this Mammoth Wing Chair by Amy Somerville is a seat to remember! This armchair is made from black walnut, a feather-wrapped seat, and covered by Mongolian Sheepskin. Interested? Since it’s a high-quality designer chair built to order, you need to contact the designer to get a price quote – that’s how exclusive it is. It’s fluffy but oh-so-fabulous!

Omera Hand Love Seat – Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that brings a Bohemian flair to your space, search no more! Urban Outfitters has you covered with this Hand Loveseat. The design is meant to look like two hands reaching up towards the sky, ready to hold you in their palms. The color and materials are simple, but the style is definitely a memorable one! It’ll have you wrapped around its little finger the moment it arrives – literally.

Mcmanu Modern Leather Sectional with LED Light – Jubilee Furniture

If Iron Man had to choose a new couch, this would be it! The Mcmanu Leather Sectional comes in six different color schemes, or you can customize it to fit your style preferences. Each end of the couch has a table and storage space attached. The LED lights come in eight different colors (which you choose when you’re placing your order) and are controlled by a wireless remote. Oh yeah, on top of that, the headrests are adjustable! Jubilee Furniture won’t make you stop there, though. You can choose to add on cup holders, USB ports, a bed function, or even get a chair and coffee table to match!

Turquoise Blue & Gold Large Geode Shaped Coffee Table – Etsy

The best word to describe this table? Stunning. Anna Jane crafted this table by hand from resin, liquid gold, and Gold Leaf metallic sheets. The legs are made of gold-lacquered stainless steel, and the beautiful teal epoxy makes you feel as though you’re stepping into a pool that’s nestled away in your own tropical oasis. While this piece is unique, it’s also sophisticated and absolutely gorgeous!

Venus Geometric Glass Modern Coffee Table – Lamps Plus

While we’re on the subject of sophisticated tables, check out this Geometric Glass Coffee Table from Lamps Plus! The base is faux marble to really turn up the class – and display your favorite decorations! The stainless steel framework is sleek yet stunning, and the tempered glass top lends an elegant touch. This modern piece doesn’t dominate the room, but it does bring a serious pop of style!

Entropy Chair – France & Son

If you’re looking for a chair to turn some heads, this is the one for you! France & Son’s Entropy Chair is an eye-catching, head-scratching, mind-bending piece that certainly breaks the mold. While there aren’t any fluffy pillows, the elastic cords are strong enough to keep you suspended but have enough give to keep you comfortable. Just don’t get tangled when you stand up!

Rainbow Iridescent HeadboardUrban Outfitters

Your living room isn’t the only place to dress up with some unique finds! Why not treat your bedroom to a fresh look, too? Urban Outfitters has just the thing to turn your sleeping space into a dream come true: the Rainbow Iridescent Headboard. If you need a soft touch of color, or just want to add some more to your room, this piece does it all – with a little touch of rainbow magic.

Ore International Leaf Swivel Chair – Kiku Home

Calling all leaf lovers! This unique chair is perfect for garden-themed, jungle-themed, and funky-themed spaces, or if you just want to add a quirky piece to your collection! No matter where you put it, the Leaf Swivel Chair will add some vibrant – albeit curious – life to your room.

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