10 Tiny House Storage Ideas

When you live in a small space, kitchen utensils, accessories, and small objects tend to invade you. So, very quickly, storage space is in short supply. However, it is possible to make the most of every square meter: install a shelf around a door frame, transform partitions into large storage areas, take advantage of the staircase to create cupboards, or even store things in height. We are going to prove to you that there are many solutions to optimize the storage in a small apartment; without having to worry about imposing furniture!

Choosing multifunctional furniture

In a small apartment or a tiny studio, you first want to make the circulation more fluid. So no question of accumulating useless furniture inside! Instead, we turn to multifunctional innovations such as a wall unit. It structures the living space and accommodates a bookcase as well as an extra closet. Even in a small space, you can afford a strong piece: here, the multi-functional furniture stands out from the immaculate set by a wooden coating—a perfect combination of design and practicality.

Take advantage of the basements

Living under the roof allows benefiting from an unobstructed view, most of the time, it is, on the other hand, a headache when it is a question of arranging cupboards to store everything. Rather than losing the uninhabited surface under the windows, we invest it with a large piece of furniture in the enfilade. The ideal is to have this storage made to measure, but there are standard pieces of furniture to slide into the base for small budgets. And if the height under the ceiling allows it, you might as well take advantage of the surface of this piece of furniture to create a bench with some colored cushions and a cozy plaid.

Storage in height

When you don’t have enough floor space, the best solution is to use the walls and the ceiling height. Wall-mounted shelves are obviously a good alternative to floor-standing furniture, but you can also choose suspended shelves for multiple storage areas. Hanging from the ceiling, they bring rhythm to the decor without weighing down the atmosphere. Again, a solution adapted to apartments with a sufficiently high ceiling.

Dare to use space-saving shelves

Every square inch can be used in one way or another. It’s not uncommon to find crooked corners, a wall under the slope, or a condemned fireplace in a small apartment. Instead of seeing them as an inconvenience, let’s turn these corners into storage space. With simple planks of medium and hinges, you can create custom shelves.

Use the space under the stairs

A classic but still effective solution: take advantage of the space under the stairs to create optimized square storage. Shelves, a closed closet, or even drawers, it’s up to you to choose the storage solution best suited to your lifestyle. Because the space under the stairs should not become a catch-all, organize the storage according to the use and frequency of objects – as much as to say that the broom should not be relayed to the bottom of the closet. As far as decoration is concerned, we advise you to harmonize the staircase and its base by using the same material.

Create storage under the bed

When the sleeping area is located on a mezzanine or is less than 9m2 – the minimum size of a room to be considered a bedroom – it is best to avoid imposing a wardrobe or a dressing room. But how can you fit a complete wardrobe in a pocket? By investing in a bed with storage! These beds with built-in drawers are not just for kids and allow you to make the most of a whole new space. Those who don’t want to buy a new bed can turn to storage boxes to slide under the furniture.

Store in the wall

We’re not talking about hiding a treasure in the partitions but taking advantage of its separations to create closets. Throughout the height and length of this living room, the wooded wall holds a series of invisible storage units at its heart. We even recommend removing the handles and installing a push-open system or sliding doors to optimize the space. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from digging grooves at the bottom of the fronts for an easy, almost imperceptible grip.

Don’t Forget About the Corners

With the luxury of a large space, people commonly overlook the corners of a room. In small areas, though, you can capitalize on many bedroom storage ideas by maintaining the steadfast determination that you’ll make ideal use of every available space. Corner shelving is becoming easier to find, but if you can’t find one that will fit your needs, consider having something custom-made for an ideal fit. Be mindful of vertical space in corners, too. Coat hooks offer a solution for storing your outerwear, but they can also double as a place to hang purses or briefcases.

Shelving behind the door

Some small home organization manufacturers offer behind-the-door shelving options that make great additions to the kitchen or pantry area. They are a great idea for accessory storage for the bedroom, with handy shelves for keeping a variety of smaller items. This allows you to make use of the most underrated storage area in the house. Doors are a great place to keep things that would otherwise clutter up the dresser, countertops, or even home office desks.

The shelving may not be suitable for some items, such as very heavy or breakable items, and it is designed for kitchen use primarily. Nevertheless, it is a great idea for additional pantry space or storing baby-related items such as baby food, cereal, and formula. You could use it for dry goods storage or baking good storage as well, without taking up valuable pantry space.

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