Quarantine and Chill on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day brings friends together to celebrate all that friendship means to them. It’s a time for celebrating love, but this year Valentine’s day may look a little different.
Nonetheless, with advanced planning, having a romantic Valentine’s Day without leaving your home is easy. Many people enjoy spending Valentine’s Day indoors even before the lockdown to escape all the tension that comes with picnic holidays.

The preparation, booking, and reservation of spaces and locations for Valentine’s Day dates begin at the beginning of February for most individuals. But because the social distance activities are peculiar this year, we have brainstormed and come up with ideas for having a memorable valentine in quarantine.

Valentine’s Days are days when we do many romantic events, such as candlelit meals, massages for couples, drinks, picnics for movie nights, etc. But things are different this year, as many people will spend their Valentine’s Day in quarantine. Below are some of the things in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that we can enjoy indoors.

In-bed Breakfast

This is an excellent way to start a beautiful day. When it comes as a surprise, it’s even better. Fill a tray with plenty of beautifully made heart-shaped food that can read “I love you” quickly. With a favorite book, newspaper, or magazine, the breakfast in bed will carry your relationship to the next level.

Write a Letter of Love.

There is nothing more romantic than writing them a love note, whether you are with your partner in person or celebrating from afar. It’s one of the many sweet little things your partner will do to make them feel loved. With a little more intimacy, handwritten love letters invoke a different feeling, a reminder of older times. Make your letter personal: include all of the reasons your partner loves you or mention all of your favorite memories.

Indoor or Backyard Picnic

There is something romantic about a two-person picnic. Spend your Valentine’s Day at home with an indoor picnic instead of going to a park. By candlelight and finger food, pop opens some wine or champagne for your picnic. If you live in a mild setting, make a picnic in the backyard and prepare a barbecue so you can enjoy some delicious food together. This is the perfect time to play some love songs if you can play some musical instrument. Picnic generates waste, but never mind, as JCS Group can help deal with all your waste.

Being Creative

Tap into your artistic side as a couple and create some artwork together. You may make a collage of each other’s pictures, write a poem together, or grab a few paintings and a canvas and paint romantic images. Regardless of what you make, show it as a reminder of your love for each other.

Cook Yourself a Romantic Dinner

Most of us have our signature restaurant’s favorite dish, the one we want time and time again. Have you ever attempted at home to replicate the dish? You can also recreate fancy restaurant meals at home with a little Internet study. Try one of these restaurant-quality recipes from home if you’re not sure where to start.

Playing Games

Being fun and being playful isn’t just for youth. Research reveals that adults still benefit from sports. They are a source of relaxation, building up your capacity to solve problems, improving your relationship. Dust off your favorite board games on Valentine’s Day, catch or play a deck of cards or your video game and play away.

Watch a Film

Snuggling under a blanket and watching a romantic movie is a no better excuse than Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not in the same enclosure, no matter how far apart you are, the Netflix Party plug-in allows you to stream at the same time. You could do something more intimate, cuddle and watch home movies, as well.

Create a Playlist

Music is the spice of life. Great tunes help set the mood, particularly when they’re songs you’ve selected carefully. Put some time and effort into your collection of songs of particular interest to both of you.
Think of the artists you saw live together, the band you both can’t resist, the song you danced to for the first time together. Generally, create a playlist that represents the best part of your interaction.

Take a Ride Down The Road of Memory

Who doesn’t love to recall or browse at images of happier times? On Valentine’s Day, if you’re stuck with ideas, then a swipe through your phone can bring back some cheerful memories.

A special gift idea will be a photo book that you can create using your partner’s favorite pictures, or you can make it together and add photos of places you want to visit or include shared goals to look forward to after the pandemic is over. It’ll be so much fun to compile all your favorite pictures and recollect your favorite memories together.

Test Out Something New Together

Being together, doing new things can be a fun way of interacting and keeping things interesting. A relaxing in-home spa day can be an as easy way to pamper yourself. There’s a time for fancy dinner dates, and then there’s a time when you want to dip in the pool and let the world’s worries melt away. Play calming music, give a relaxing massage to your partner, and let all their tension melt away. This is a comforting, romantic way for your loved one to spend Valentine’s Day.

Premium Degustation of Wine for Two

Bring Valentine’s day straight to your doorstep by ordering tasting for two. A red and white wine, a corkscrew, and two stemless drinking glasses will be placed in the case. There is nothing as romantic as curling up with a bottle of wine on the couch.

Get More Valentine’s Inspiration

For everyone, it is a tough time, and there are no simple answers.  But if you are committed to pursuing your love, or you are exploring a new way of preserving your love, Follow JCS-Group and read Gift-Giving Ideas for Valentin’s Day for more lovely ideas. 

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