Oh, the times, they are changing. Living the traditional lifestyle of marriage, a mortgage, and 2.35 children is starting to look a little less than ideal these days. With so much in the world to see and new things to try, being locked down to one location sounds a little suffocating.
It’s no wonder van living is making a comeback! Once viewed as a hippie lifestyle, making a home out of a mobile vehicle can now be quite comfortable, and about as posh as you’re willing to make it—all the modern comforts, with none of the contemporary, suburban baggage. You don’t have to water your grass. There are no extra fees. But you still get complaints about the rising prices of gas (unless you get a diesel van. If so, the right choice)!
Van’s life once seemed so radical. Now, it’s more attainable – and maybe more attractive – than ever. Ultimate freedom, alongside ultimate customization, is truly the dream. If you’ve been thinking about breaking free and moving to the open road, here’s a few things to weigh as you make that decision.

1. You love driving.
Van life is kind of like a never-ending road trip: you eat, sleep, maybe even work in the van. Sure, many of us drive to and from work and other places throughout the day, but in the end, we get out of our cars. Once your van becomes your home, you’ll be spending most of your time in it – whether it’s moving or not.
For the truckers (and the truckers at heart) among us, being on the road all the time sounds very appealing. It means endless time to think, hours to perfect scream-singing your favorite jams, punch-buggy championships, and best of all: an infinite source of new things to see. If those are all things you feel passionate love for, turning a van into your home might be a slam-dunk choice.

2. You’re low maintenance.
Your van might need quite a few check-ins along the way, but if you’re going to dedicate yourself to the open road, it’s best if you don’t. This doesn’t mean going a month shower-free, or relieving yourself on the side of the road (at least not all the time). It just means that, since vans are small, there is limited space.
Being high maintenance usually takes up a lot of space, as well as creating a lot of unnecessary waste (think about how many bottles!). Using a lot of products that you tote in and out of wherever you make your regular bathroom can get tiresome. A detailed routine often includes regular visits to various spaces, like a salon or a nail tech – all fancy things that could get messed up on an endless adventure.
If you’re the kind of person that puts your dry shampoo to work and doesn’t have a skincare routine that covers your bathroom vanity top, you’re probably already suited to van life. You don’t have to sacrifice any modern cleanliness standards, so keeping a basic level of hygiene works means you’ll be just fine.

3. You’re hungry for adventure.
Maybe the most appealing part of van life, right? When your home goes with you, the opportunity to get out and see the world suddenly becomes much more within reach. In fact, home can be just about anywhere.
Just imagine: a weekend trip to the mountains without having to pack up all your clothes, find a hotel or Airbnb, unpack into a new space, and purchasing whatever items you forgot to bring – like hand soap. Everything you need is already with you.
Now, take that scenario and make it big. Imagine a month where you’re in a new place every day. You’re finding the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You’re checking off views on everyone’s bucket list – including your own. All with your trusty home close by your side. Sounds pretty good, huh?

4. You’re flexible.
Not just in the way you’re able to bend yourself into weird positions to sleep in a small space. Not just in the way you can bend your legs backwards to find new positions in the front seat. Although those are good traits as well.
When your home is mobile, plans (and vans!) can change on the fly. If a tire blows on the way, you might be spending the night somewhere unplanned. Or if the wind blows you a different way, you might find yourself drawn to take a different direction and discover something off the beaten path.
Flexibility in the moment is crucial, but flexibility with lifestyle is imperative as well. Some nights you might have a great parking spot, good weather, and a bathroom close by, while others you might…not be so comfortable. Willingness to go with the flow and try anything once will only work in your favor.

If all of the above sounds like you, don’t waste another month waiting to decide what to do. You can start working towards your mobile mansion as soon as today. Whether it’s a savings account or going to check out that van you saw on Craigslist, there are steps you could be taking as we type to move on to your next stage in life. And who knows – you might even love it!

For more van life inspo, check out our Pinterest for all the tips, tricks, and DIYs to craft the van of your dreams. Need help moving with your inspired new drive? Let us help! Visit here to start your new journey; all that access trash must go somewhere. But first things first, you must move. Try reading this blog to help with the moving process.

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