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  1. Try adjusting your text size if the pages don't look right. You could probably use these fonts if you don't already have them
    1. Jester
    2. Iglesia-Light
    3. BrushScrD
    • Dick Trickle "Quotes" Are Styled This Color.
    • Robby Gordon "Quotes" Are Styled This Color.

  2. My html coding confuses a lot of browsers sometimes and the page opens a jumbled up mess. Try reloading the page a couple of times and if that don't work please let me know.

  3. Several links open a new window, so the page you left is still open under the new one. But be careful about what window you close, or you'll find there is no way to get back handily.

  4. For the most part links are styled blue-unfollowed, red-active and purple-visited. Off-site links are usually underlined and there are some "white" unfollowed links that underline when active and turn gray when visited. Off-site products are usually not underlined.

  5. On the left side of the page:

    1. At the top:
      1. There's an image just to make all the pages look alike (click it to go home).
      2. Then ... a directory of the stuff that's on that page or in that section.
      3. Links to take you to the STORE - where you'll find stuff that you really need to buy.

    2. In the middle are links to:
      1. HELP - the one that probably brought you here,
      2. INFORMATION - some stuff you probably don't want to know anyway.
      3. Advertisers text links and banners that I recommend and don't make enough off of, but if you're feeling sorry for the time and money I spend putting some of this together ... buy somethin'. Don't worry, if I start having trouble sackin' up all the hundred dollar bills ... I'll give you a call.

    3. At the bottom is another directory listing.

  6. Some images can be viewed in high resolution when you click them or a small magnifying glass under the image. For the most part look for a double blue border that designats the ones that qualify.
    Dick Trickle Dick Trickle
    click image to enlarge
    Dick Trickleclick for larger view
  7. Some links are followed by icons which are usually not clickable (you'll need to click on the preceding text) but do have meaning:

    • some kinda sound (wav, mid, ra, etc.)

    • music (mp3, mid, ra, wav, wma, etc.)

    • a movie (avi, mov, qt, etc.)

  8. At the bottom of the page you're going to find some of this stuff:

    1. Links to one of my other sites (unabashed self-promotion):

    2. Below the eyeline, you'll get your last chance to click on something that will help me pay my bills: No Kiddin'! I believe it’s important to be transparent when talking about products you might like to purchase, so I am disclosing that sometimes I may receive a commission if you buy a product here. However, these are my objective opinions, based on thorough investigation done by myself on the efficacy of these products, with the ultimate goal of giving you the best value for your money. Nor do I receive these products for free.

      The owners of other sites for this type of product almost always receive commissions. If a site does not disclose that, it is not being up front with you. Take this into account when you weigh a site’s credibility. Please also note this site is independently owned and operated and the opinions expressed here are my genuine beliefs regardless of any commission.”

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