csNewsletter - Email List Central

From this page you will be able to manage distribution lists, delete distribution lists and add/remove users from distribution lists. You will also be able to compose and send email to these distribution lists.

Manage Distribution Lists

Build a new list using 'Create New List' or PERMANENTLY remove a list using 'Delete Existing List'.

To Delete a list, highlight the name and click the 'Delete Existing' button. Note: This will permanently delete the list and all subscribers.
User Management

To select a different mail list use the 'Current List' dropdown to choose desired list. Then you can Add User or 'Delete Selected User'.

Current List:
Current Users: in(count)
Public Add Configuration

Select the list below and the code required to allow public addition of emails will appear. Cut and paste the code and place wherever you want the public to be able to add their email address to the specified distribution list. To make the changes take affect, you must click the 'Update Public Configuration' button.

Current List

What the Public Sees:

What is the code: 
The Following fields must appear on the form:
  • email --> email address subscribing or un-subscribing.
  • list --> hidden field that names the list to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from.
  • command --> subscribe to subscribe to list, unsubscribe to unsubscribe to list. To make both subscribe and unsubscribe forms, cut/paste the html code and change the 'command' variable.
Subscribe Message
Subscribe Redirect URL:
Unsubscribe Message
Unsubscribe Redirect URL:
Compose Email

Click the 'Addressed To:' button to choose the list you would like to send an email to, you can select one or more of the lists. You may also add additional people the email will be sent to in the 'Also Include' field. Type the email address you want the email to be sent from in the 'From' field. Add a subject line in the 'Subject' field below, just as if you were sending an email. If the email body contains any HTML code then select 'HTML Email' radio button, otherwise, leave the 'Text Email' button selected. you may also browse your local hard drive and add an attachment to the email that is sent out. Click the 'Browse' button to select the file. After the fields are filled out click the 'Next ->' button.

Also Include:
Separate email addresses using comma.


Body of email message:
Text Email HTML Email