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Leading Edge
Revolution To Nuclear Subs

Take It To The Next Level With

Military Issue

Sea Power

A Thrilling Visual Chronicle of Naval Fighting Ships.
This 13-episode, 2-disc program presents jaw-dropping footage of naval fighting ships from yesteryear through the modern day. From above the water and below the surface, you'll view submarines, aircraft carriers, corvettes, destroyers, battleships, cruisers and others… and even take an inside look at the awesome weaponry and capabilities that make naval power an essential element in modern warfare.

The U.S. M1 Garand Rifle in Pictures

WW2 & Korea
Bruce. Through hundreds of vintage photographs and illustrations, this information-packed volume explores the M1 Garand .30 caliber rifle - the standard service rifle of the U.S. military in World War II and Korea - in detail, including its origin, development, battlefield use, and postwar experimentation, from its World War I roots to the introduction of its successor M14 in 1957. 80 pages, 300+ B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 7¼"x 9½", softcover.

Coast Guard "Always Ready" Figure

The seventh release in the hot Babes in ArmsTM series, this limited edition, 1/30 scale, metal figure of a curvaceous Coastie ready to dive into action is hand painted and finely detailed right down to the "Always Ready" motto and large Coast Guard identification stripe on her swimsuit. Measuring 2½" tall, the same size as typical military miniatures, this girl is anything but!

"Never Forget September 11" Metal Sign

Display this important reminder in your home or office! Die cut in the shape of a shield, this 24-gauge steel sign is hand distressed to create the look and feel of aged metal and paint. 15"x 15"; includes mounting holes.

Bradley & Powers

Flags of Our Fathers

Say "Iwo Jima," and what comes to mind? Most likely a famous photograph from 1945 of six tired, helmeted Marines, fresh from a long, bloody battle, working together to raise the American flag on Mount Suribachi. This voluminous and memorable work of popular history mixed with memoir reconstructs those Marines' experiences as well as those of their comrades.

All Service Women's WWII Recruitment Poster

This reproduction was created from an authentic World War II poster seeking women for all service branches of World War II: Navy WAVEs, Army WACs, Coast Guard SPARs and Women Marines.


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