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Civil War Standard

The Battle for Perryville

Civil War buffs will swoon over this terrific (program)." - Library Journal. Through detailed maps, stunning cinematography and incredible realism created by embedding cameramen in the ranks of thousands of Blue and Gray reenactors on the original Kentucky battlefield, this documentary thoroughly examines the Battle of Perryville - fought on October 8, 1862 - that was regarded as a tactical victory for the Confederates yet resulted in their retreat from Kentucky. Includes a walking tour of the battlefield. Color, 1 hr. 16 min.

"Come and Take It!"

This 1:32 scale figure was first researched and authenticated by Civil War historians, then meticulously sculpted and painstakingly hand-painted with precise techniques to capture every detail. This is perfect for expanding an existing layout or for starting one from scratch!

Civil War Commemorative Pocket Knife

This top quality pocket knife features an image of the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg on the gold-tone handle, a stainless steel blade, a back lock, and more. Measures 4" long folded and 7" extended and arrives in an attractive oak display box with a larger image of the battle scene on the inside lid.

Andrew L. Chernak

Confederate Battle Flag

Shouldering the newly issued battle flag of the 53rd Virginia, Sergeant Leander C. Blackburn steps across the remains of a "Virginia worm fence" at the start of Pickett's Charge. At his feet are the debris of war including the haversack of an unknown soldier containing an ear of corn, hardtack biscuit, knife and a pair of dice. Limited edition pewter sculpture is signed by the artist and includes historical background information.


Tennessee's Confederates, Images of America

Like other slave-holding border states, Tennessee initially elected not to join the newly formed Confederates States of America. However, with the attack on Fort Sumter and the call for troops to put down the rebellion, the state voted to secede from the Union and soon joined the Confederacy. Filled with many never-before-published photographs, this photo-history examines the nearly 187,000 Tennesseans who served the Confederate cause in 110 regiments and 33 battalions during the Civil War.


Confederate Cavalry Officer's Kepi

Lead the charge with this ornate Confederate Cavalry officer's kepi, distinguished by its regulation yellow coloring and intricate braiding. Each cap is manufactured with 100% quality wool, a leather visor, chin strap, silk lining and brass buttons.

Historic Aviation

B-24 Liberator Metal Sign

Featuring a B-24 Liberator of the 464th Bomb Group and Patrick Henry's inspiring words, "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!," this sign is made of 24-gauge steel that is hand distressed to create the look of aged metal and paint. Measures 17"x 11" and includes mounting holes.

B-24 Liberator with Nose Art Panel

From blonde bombshells to iconic characters and catch names, this new series of die cast models captures some of the most memorable and eye catching nose art in the world. The unique feature of this collection is that the nose art not only appears on the model plane but also on a faithfully reproduced larger scale die cast cut out section of the fuselage, which can be mounted on the enclosed display base with the model aircraft!

B-24J Liberator 1/48 Die Cast Model with a FREE Print

Known as The Dragon and His Tail, this B-24 - which flew 85 missions with the 43rd Bomb Group at le Shima in the Pacific - is widely recognized for its colorful crew insignia. This 1/48 scale model features full armament with rotating turrets, a complete cockpit with instrument detail, rotating propellers, and more. Weighs nearly 9 lbs., has an impressive 27½" wingspan, and arrives ready to display on extended landing gear. The only flyable B-24 Liberator aircraft in the world, serial number 44-44052, is the aircraft owned and operated by the Collings Foundation, and named after The Dragon and His Tail, this lavishly decorated B-24 that flew in the Pacific during WWII. Restored in 1985, this Liberator required over 420,000 new rivets and more than 80% of the aircraft's parts were rebuilt or replaced. Limited edition print measures 16"x 11½" and is signed by the artist.


American Bomber Crewman 1941-45

A fitting tribute to the often uncelebrated heroes who took the war deep into the Third Reich, this book examines the lives of the American bomber crewmen of the Eighth Air Force, the "Mighty Eighth," who crewed, maintained and repaired the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses and the B-24 Liberators that flew from the airfields of Norfolk, Suffolk and other counties of England during World War II.

B-24 Liberator Metal Sign

Featuring a B-24 Liberator and a World War II-style pin-up girl imploring air crewmen to "Come Home Soon!," this sign is made of 24-gauge steel that is hand distressed to create the look and feel of aged metal and paint.

Military Issue

Sea Power

A Thrilling Visual Chronicle of Naval Fighting Ships.
This 13-episode, 2-disc program presents jaw-dropping footage of naval fighting ships from yesteryear through the modern day. From above the water and below the surface, you'll view submarines, aircraft carriers, corvettes, destroyers, battleships, cruisers and others… and even take an inside look at the awesome weaponry and capabilities that make naval power an essential element in modern warfare.

The U.S. M1 Garand Rifle in Pictures

WW2 & Korea
Bruce. Through hundreds of vintage photographs and illustrations, this information-packed volume explores the M1 Garand .30 caliber rifle - the standard service rifle of the U.S. military in World War II and Korea - in detail, including its origin, development, battlefield use, and postwar experimentation, from its World War I roots to the introduction of its successor M14 in 1957. 80 pages, 300+ B&W and color photographs and illustrations, 7¼"x 9½", softcover.


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